WiFi antenna for MacBook?

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WiFi antenna for MacBook?

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ag. 20, 2006, 10:41pm

I'm a WiFi novice and am hoping someone can provide me with some enlightenment. Is there such a thing as a WiFi antenna you can get for your laptop that will give you better reception?

My local public library does not yet have WiFi access (alas), but if you go sit in the public park across the street from the library you can pick up a local hotspot. The distance is not much more than 200 feet, and from certain spots inside the library I can get my MacBook to recognize that something is out there, even though the signal isn't strong enough to connect.

Can I get some kind of simple antenna to plug into the MacBook to enable me to pick up that nearby network? The Apple Store doesn't have such a thing listed as far as I can tell, and searching a big site like MacConnection for "antenna" turns up hundreds of irrelevant things with obscure geekazoid descriptions that it would take hours to wade through. If such an antenna is available, what port do you plug it into on the MacBook?

Editat: ag. 21, 2006, 8:17pm

I hope someone comes and corrects me - I think the answer is that there's no simple solution.

However, I thought I would post here because I saw this announced on MacMinute today. It made me look at QuickerTeks website. They have a number of antennas and transceivers but they look quite complicated and/or expensive - and there's nothing for the MacBook (yet)

ag. 21, 2006, 9:43pm

Having done more searching since my post, I also came up with the QuickerTek site, which looked like just what I wanted. But then I found a very negative review:


Surely this must be a commonly-desired item. There's a demand out there waiting to be supplied.