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Military aviation books available from Bookmooch

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jul. 20, 2011, 1:46 pm

I have a number of aviation books in my Bookmooch Inventory that have titles that are not self-explanatory. One of these is 'THE PRICE OF VIGILANCE; Attacks on American Surveillance Flights' (2001) by L. Tart & R. Keefe, which is about flights over Soviet Russia before their radar coverage closed the door, and before satellite oversight was available.
Another is 'LIFE ON THE LINE; Stories of Viet Nam Air Combat,' mostly helicopter warfare, by Phillip D. Chinnery.
Also available is 'GERMAN WARPLANES OF WORLD WAR II,' by Chris Chant, which is full of color illustrations.
A mass-market paperback edition of 'FEET WET; Reflections of a Carrier Pilot,' by Paul T. Gillcrist is available.
'GHOSTRIDER ONE; A Novel of the Viet Nam War' (1993) was written by Gerry Carroll.
'FIGHTER PILOT' (1962) is edited by Stanley M. Ulanoff, and is a collection of true stories.
'EAGLES OF FIRE' (1996), by Timothy Rizzi, is a novel about F-15 Eagles on the front lines in Korea.
'OCTOPUS COLOR ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AIRCRAFT' (1980) by N. MacKnight is an overview of equipment.
'THE COLD WAR AND BEYOND; Chronology of the United States Air Force 1947-1997' can also be ordered on Bookmooch.

As always, the best way to find a book in Bookmooch is do a Search for the author's name. The program will then list all editions of all titles by this author, and which ones are available from Bookmooch.