Nominate an author for the 2012 National Book Festival

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Nominate an author for the 2012 National Book Festival

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nov. 19, 2011, 10:29 am

Did you know you can suggest authors for the 2012 National Book Festival?

You can..and here's how to do it (per

Potential participating authors, illustrators and poets must be nominated by their respective publishers. Preferred candidates are popular, nationally known, authors, illustrators and poets who have won book awards at the national level. They also should have published a significant book recently. More than 300 qualified authors, illustrators and poets were nominated to participate in the 2010 festival and 71 individuals selected for presentations in the six author pavilions. The author nomination process for the 2011 Festival ended on March 15, 2011. You may submit nominations for the 2012 Festival via e-mail to