Where to donate MLK audio of a rare speech?

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Where to donate MLK audio of a rare speech?

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Editat: gen. 31, 2012, 3:26pm

During a recent membership drive at a Los Angeles FM radio station, I successfully bid on 3 copies of a very little-known MLK speech. The question now is where to donate these ... museum or library? Regional or national organization in the USA? What about internationally, such as the UN Library or UNESCO? All suggestions are welcome.

feb. 1, 2012, 12:22pm

Dusable Museum, Chicago, IL.

Make mp3 copies and publish them online.

Save them for your grandchildren.

Editat: feb. 2, 2012, 1:43pm

Thanks, quicksiva, for your feedback. Apparently there is an extreme copyright restriction issue in the case of this recorded speech, that goes as follows: The MLK family has (as it should) asserted its continuing copyright on the MLK writings and speeches generated during his lifetime. Therefore, although this speech of his that I have 3 recordings of was a radio address, that radio station copyright was limited to the initial broadcast and the authorized number of recorded copies that they created, if I understand the Los Angeles FM station explanation correctly (it was explained on-air in 2011 by Margaret Prescott, who hosts Uprising, a KPFK morning show). So the 3 copies I bought last year from KPFK during an Uprising fund drive were part of that original trove from the original radio broadcaster, and were not, for example, created by KPFK's Margaret Prescott or any of her staff. That is the copyright restriction, which also rules out the possibility of webcasting it or any other online publishing of the speech's contents.

If all the above is correct, then I was thinking of donating one each of those DVDs to the UN Library in New York City, the U.S. African-American Museum in Washington DC, and the last one, I don't know, perhaps to the NAACP, or ??? None of this has to be decided right away, of course. The only thing that makes me nervous about donating anything to a library is that such items are sometimes stolen from libraries, because libraries do not always have the resources to adequately safeguard rare holdings such as this MLK speech; then too, sometimes libraries have to weed out materials, even valuable materials. If so, then only a museum or an ongoing civil rights group such as NAACP might have the resources to protect such a rare recording, and to periodically transfer it as needed, whenever future media format changes require such updating.