Serpentine, Thomas Thompson

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Serpentine, Thomas Thompson

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abr. 30, 2012, 6:31am

Have just finished Serpentine, which was a real surprise, much like Helter Skelter. Didn't think I'd like either (thought Serpentine was going to be about a jet-setting con-man, the second a boring, self-congratulatory rehash of the court trial) but they were fascinating, and made complicated events very easy to follow.

I was more interested in the cast of characters in Serpentine than I was in Charles Sobhraj. Sobhraj seemed your typical psychopath, pretty much an empty vessel, but there's plenty of information on him. Not so much on the various people he encountered in the book. Is any more known about his family in France, or Barbara Smith? What about Hugey Smith or Checkers?

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