(M39'12) Dragonsong, Anne McCaffrey

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(M39'12) Dragonsong, Anne McCaffrey

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maig 27, 2012, 3:38 pm

Dragonsong is a book I've read a few times before, but I haven't ever reviewed it, so I'm going through it as my Dragon book for this month. Hopefully I'll get it finished before the month ends... I've got a /lot/ of reading to do.

juny 2, 2012, 5:09 am

I didn't take many notes on this because I just enjoy reading Pern stuff too much... and also, other than the concept, the story itself and the writing isn't necessarily remarkable. There are a few good lines here or there, some little humorous remarks, but there's not giant slab of wisdom that crashes down on top of you and makes you think. It's a personal story and that's okay.

She could whistle double-trills as well as any wherry with her tongue or on the reeds. But there had been some things Petiron wouldn't -or perhaps couldn't- tell her about her world. Menolly wondered if this was because she was a girl and there were mysteries that only the male mind could understand.

"Well," as Mavi had once told Menolly and Sela, "there are feminine puzzles that no mere man could sort, so that score is even."
Now, I realize that the hold is very ancient in the ways they treat women. This place isn't at all progressive, I get that... But when I read this I find myself divided between women doing women's things and the possibility that the joke in there is supposed to be more than just a mere line, that the whole concept of "Men are from Mars" or whatever can be read into the thing... plus a great deal more. There are so many things that we say about men here... following directions and whatnot. At this hour I'm twisting my mind with the frustrations of trying to grasp it all. :p

On page 56 there's a whole scene of Menolly taking the fire lizard eggs to safety. And this is again a combination of things... it's both come comedy and some serious need... they'll die if they don't get moved. There's no real stress involved. The climb to help save the eggs is dangerous, it must be... but it's not overly drawn out that way. there's more the frustration of being pecked at, so to speak. In the end I always decide this is a cute scene and leave it at that.

It pleased Menolly to see something give way before her, even something as nebulous as fog. p63
I can't say enough how much I liked this line...

"She's... She's so small," Menolly said dazedly.

"Size is irrelevant."
This is, of course, regarding Lessa and her temper. Aside from the remark being amusing, I thought it was also amusing that male riders would be pointing out the irrelevance of size. That's all assuming he's the one talking... That bit is kind of left up in the air.

Another of these cute little scenes happens a few pages later, on 139 when Menolly is clearing out her secret cave, throwing dishes and whatnot out the entrance where a dragon had stood only moments before. She suddenly realizes she could have hit him and dashes to look and see if he's injured. It's a sweet little scene, but it also shows how new dragons really are to her. Double purpose there.

Before Menolly could protest, he'd swung her up into his arms and was carrying her across the bowl.

"Tell that queen of yours I'm helping you," he asked when Beauty disordered his silvering hair, diving at him. "After sober reflection, be sure you give me green eggs."
This is (depending on what order you read the books in) our introduction to Robinton, one of the most loved characters of the series, I'd bet. Even I always looked forward to scenes where he would appear. He's written very well.

"Sir, sir, I've found her," Elgion cried, dashing up to them.

"Have you now? The love of your life?" asked Master Robinton amiably.
Just another example of the character... and the last example from the book. Review to follow tomorrow.

juny 2, 2012, 5:28 am

Forgot to mention that I was listening to the sounds of ocean surf s I read this. Since the book takes place mostly in the sea hold, this is an awesome soundtrack!

juny 5, 2012, 7:34 pm

I love the Pern stuff too - and it's been way too long since I read any... and of course it's all in England now, while I'm in Cairo. Hmm.

I need to actually remember if this is one of those that I've read or am waiting to read... hold on - um... okay I've looked at two different lists and all I can say is that I /think/ I have read it - but if I have it was a long time ago.

I like the line about the fog as well - there's always something in these books that grab me as a good line

Ah, when you mention it being our introduction to Robinton, I /know/ I've read the book now. So... what is it exactly that makes us love Robinton so much...? I mean, I'm sure you're right about him being the most beloved character in the series, but just what is it that makes him that way?

I love it when you can find a soundtrack that works for a book. :)