Egypt: Coup, Yes or No?

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Egypt: Coup, Yes or No?

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Editat: juny 14, 2012, 6:39pm

Given that it was the judiciary, which is still largely in the hands of former Mubarak loyalists, that initiated the current political crisis in Egypt and that the military moved very quickly to support and take advantage of the situation, I think a very strong case can be made that this was an orchestrated move by the military to topple the Muslim Brother government, if not permanently, then at least to such an extent that the military would be the one writing the new constitution instead of the MB.

It'll be interesting to see how the liberal secularist forces in Egypt respond. If they come back on to the street, there might be a chance to undo what's been done. If they remain ambivalent, this could turn out to be an ugly fight between the military and Islamists that could possibly turn into an Algeria-like situation.