Pasadena Book Fair, October 6-7, 2012

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Pasadena Book Fair, October 6-7, 2012

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juny 28, 2012, 12:21 pm

As most long-time San Diego book lovers know, we don't get a lot of used book fairs in town. It's harder to get the LA/OC people down here than it is for the SD people to go to LA. As a result, LA book fairs continue while SD ones are rare or nonexistent.

The Bustamante group, best known for organizing antique shows, is hosting another book fair. This one is Saturday and Sunday, October 6-7, 2012, at the Pasadena Convention Center. This is a great venue, one that was used for the February 2012 ABAA fair.

One distinction between this fair and the ABAA is that the books are often more affordable. The booth prices may be 1/10 so sellers are not required to bring their most expensive items to recoup their costs. There are still very nice and scarce things seen here and it should merit the interest for any book lover who is interested in items beyond the latest releases available through BN or Amazon.

Kim and I will have a small booth at this fair and I have posted elsewhere that it could be an interesting occasion for an LT meet-up. We shall be busy at the fair and in the evenings but would welcome the opportunity to meet with other LT users who would care to stop by and say "hello" if nothing else.

This page gives information on the fair: Pasadena Book Fair, October 6-7, 2012

I hope to see some San Diego LT members there. Who knows but that some kind of San Diego meet-up might be possible?


set. 28, 2012, 2:06 am

Thanks for the info! I'll try to make it.

set. 30, 2012, 10:29 am

Here's a reminder to San Diego book people that the Pasadena Antiquarian Book Fair is next weekend, October 6-7. I received a note that they will be using the larger of the two halls so I trust that this is an indication of bookseller participation. More and better books means that it will be even more worthwhile to make the trip up to Pasadena.

Across the street from the Pasadena Center is a mall with a large antique mall. One large booth in the mall has books. There are other bookstores in the area, including Vroman's (amazing new book selection) and Cliff's Books, both on Colorado.

Our book fair booth is #205 which, unless there was a change, will be in the first aisle on the left. We shall have juvenile series books (especially Nancy Drew in dust jacket), some Stephen King deluxe limited artist editions, and other items of potential interest. If a 6x10 booth can hold 400-500 books, imagine what the larger booths can hold.


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