Disney buys Lucasfilm

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Disney buys Lucasfilm

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oct. 31, 2012, 8:15am

Seems to be generally well received news! I'm looking forward to bringing my kids to see Star Wars movies, no matter how they turn out.

Pros: any number of new contributors, bringing any number of fresh ideas and talent. Lots of people pointing to the Avengers movie as an example of the success that could be achieved. And Disney has room to fail; if 2015 doesn't delivery, try again in 2018 etc. until they hit their mark, then build on it with sequels.

Cons: the original visionary is gone. 'Creative consultant' doesn't bring control, when you've sold the control. So what we'll see is definitely going to be something new with the Star Wars label on it, matching neither the prequel trilogy nor the original in flavour. Canon will be in the backseat, and the dollar signs are driving.