Shame this group shows as 'dormant'...

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Shame this group shows as 'dormant'...

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nov. 3, 2012, 7:03pm

Jodi releases a new book every Spring, she tours and gives talks, she posts online of Facebook and Twitter and has a mailing list for emails. She even answers emails to her personal address! So, given that this group is listed as 'dormant', and she's written at least 4 books since the apparent last post on here, are they getting better with age or is she losing her touch? Do you re-read her books? What about the movie rights? Sadly, My Sister's Keeper was ruined at the box office, as we know, but she has since allowed Tenth Circle and 19 Minutes to be made, albeit for US release only at the moment. Has anyone seen these adaptations? Jodi swore she wouldn't hand over the rights so completely again, to have more of a hand in the process this time - has that been apparent?

nov. 3, 2012, 7:52pm

I haven't seen any other adaptation of her books. I have re-read My Sister's Keeper once, and have kept Vanishing Acts -- they're the only two I've kept. I do still read almost all of her books as they come out, but have no interest in the one she co-wrote with her daughter, and I stopped reading Sing You Home because I was so annoyed at the brother character who found religion to save him from alcoholism (if I recall correctly) and who I'm guessing then decided it gave him the right to pass judgment on his sister's lifestyle.

I do think she's not so much losing her touch, but so depending on the narrative style that worked in My Sister's Keeper that it has become entirely predictable. Her twist endings are becoming predictable as well.

She was already a pretty powerful author when the movie for My Sister's Keeper was made. I really think she might have anticipated that a studio would screw with her ending, and should have insisted on some kind of control/approval. I know that's generally difficult or almost impossible for authors to get, but the more powerful the author, the more likely it is. And she didn't likely need the money, as a multi-bestselling author, so she could have insisted..... It's the less successful authors who don't have the freedom to hold out for control. All this said, I'm speculating, and there could be more to the situation than I know.