Where are all the South African Members?

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Where are all the South African Members?

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maig 23, 2013, 11:35am

You know whats interesting. In entered both the Sunday Times Award long list and the Alan Paton long list into CK. At least 30% had no readers so I could not enter the award. This shows how few South Africans take LT seriously. In fact most of the books entered had 1 or 2 members only. Compare this to the Australian Award list, where most books have dozens of readers.
eg Australian Prime Minister award short list
All That I Am: A Novel (379)
Sarah Thornhill (159)
Foal's bread by Gillian Mears (73) W
Forecast : turbulence (19)
Autumn Laing (57)

I have tried in vain to recruit new readers but have failed miserably. How have you done?

maig 23, 2013, 3:22pm

I've asked people, but most of them seem to prefer (well, not exactly prefer, but acquiesce to) GR...

maig 28, 2013, 7:30pm

I notice the same .... two factors at work? Not so many SAfricans are members and not so much Africana listed . Take a look at ULTB group .. And also your own ULTB books. I have a lot of ULTB books because so much of my collection is Africana. LT seems to have a lot of US, European, Austrailian members and too few in SAfrica . One way to promote SA books is to write the reviews and post to LT, Facebook and even to Amazon. A review need not be long .. Say about 300 words and answer what is the book about, strengths and weaknesses and most NB the context. LT is my preferred site.