Point Me in the Right Direction... the Angsty Direction that is...

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Point Me in the Right Direction... the Angsty Direction that is...

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set. 13, 2013, 3:24pm

Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to YA. I unreasonably avoided it until a coworker forced me to read The Hunger Games. It has all been a blurry downward spiral since then. After consuming the whole series in a 3 day binger, I've been unsuccessfully trying to fill the void left by THG. Since then, I've read and enjoyed several books but nothing really seems to come close.

Here's what I've read with lukewarm feelings (i.e. enjoyed but didn't love): Birthmarked, The Raven Boys, Beautiful Creatures, Matched, Life as We Knew It, and Across the Universe.

I'm currently reading Dark Star.

The only series that I've even come close to loving as much as THG is Divergent.

I'm planning to very soon read: Vampire Academy, Such a Rush, All the Things I've Done, Enclave, Ruby Red, Unbreakable, The Coldest Girl in Cold Town, City of Bones and Deviant.

As you can see I like dystopias and post-apocalyptic futures and I favor female protagonists. Hate to say it but I think what I'm really looking for is some legit angsty romance (if it's a love triangle, all the better.) Of course, I also enjoy a good plot with interesting developed characters.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Editat: set. 13, 2013, 7:19pm

Did you say angsty love triangle? You'd probably like the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

If you're interested in Hunger Games-ish action/tension with a hint of romance, I'd recommend House of Stairs by William Sleator.

For "Angsty Lives/Troo Luv" (i.e. drama with only one love interest) I would also highly recommend If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Impossible by Nancy Werlin, and A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb.

set. 13, 2013, 8:17pm

*takes copious notes* Thanks so much for the suggestions. Honestly, I'll read anything right now. I'm not being picky at all but I do love an angsty love triangle.

set. 14, 2013, 12:09am

From your list, I'd recommend Enclave and Vampire Academy first.

I also recommend Under the Never Sky, Blood Red Road, and Ready Player One.

If you like steampunk, The Girl in the Steel Corset.

set. 14, 2013, 8:23am

I do like steampunk! I added all your suggestions to my list - thanks!

set. 14, 2013, 11:22am

You may also want to try The Maze Runner trilogy.
I recommend Jonathan Maberry's Rot and Ruin series as well. It's a zombie post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting, which I know has been done to death. But Maberry is very, very good lifting this series above the usual zombie fare.

Both of these have strong characters in an angsty love subplot.

set. 14, 2013, 1:18pm

*takes more notes*

set. 17, 2013, 11:03am

You guys were right about Vampire Academy. Just the right about of angst. lol.

set. 17, 2013, 12:41pm

Glad you liked Vampire Academy. I thought of another couple of series you might like.

Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden is a great adventure/survival/romance series. A group of Australian teens go off camping in the wilderness for a long weekend, and while they're gone, the country is invaded and their parents are all imprisoned. The teens decide to try to survive on their own and use guerrilla warfare to strike back at the enemy. And they're unsupervised teenagers, so hormones rage.

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner is a fantasy/intrigue novel. You fall in love with the main character Gem and you feel angsty on his behalf. LOL.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore. They're more angsty as in "we shouldn't be together. I must do my duty." The second book has a love triangle.

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers is another good series. Again, it's more the duty vs. the heart's desire kind of angst.

I want to know if you read just Matched or the whole series. I thought the rest of the series was much better than the first book. I'm listening to Birthmarked on audiobook now, and it's pretty good, but not mind-blowing.

set. 17, 2013, 1:05pm

I'd add to those books previously mentioned Cinder and Scarlet, the first two books in a futuristic quartet by Marissa Meyer. Lots of angsty love, and a great combination (so far) of a fantastic overarching storyline that will carry over the 4 books while each individual book is in and of itself a great read.

Editat: set. 23, 2013, 2:24pm

Okay, it's not dystopian, but if you don't mind branching out to a contemporary novel, give The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay a go. It's angsty and a bit dramatic, but not to the point where I was rolling my eyes (which is difficult, because I seem pre-programmed to roll my eyes when angst comes in to play). If you want a book that focuses on character development, this one's for you.

ETA: How could I forget Throne of Glass and its sequel Crown of Midnight? There's lots of action, a fast pace, assassins, and an angsty love triangle.

set. 26, 2013, 10:07am

Booklizard - I read Matched and Crossed, I liked Crossed a little bit more. I do plan to read Reached. I felt the same way about Birthmarked, all interesting concepts but not mind blowing. I'm definitely into the "oh no my duty, we can't be together" type angst so I will add all the books you suggested to my list.

Ditto to Cailiosa and Sara Hope. Thanks everyone. : )

P.S. because I loved the Vampire Academy (which was surprisingly smutty for YA, no?) series so much I'm getting ready to jump into the Bloodlines series. I'm super excited because I was team Adrian. Haha.

oct. 14, 2013, 7:01pm

I LOVED The Hunger Games and I am LOVING the Divergent series. My friend told me that the Maze Runner series were very similar. :)