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Reviewers please

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nov. 1, 2013, 6:35pm

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I hope this okay to mention, but my new book 'Bad Holiday in Witch Town' is available as a free download on Amazon kindle for the next few days as a promotion for anyone who wants to read and review it. Look forward to hearing what people think.


When teenagers, Ellie, her brother Zack and their friends, Luke and Beth go on holiday, the last place they had in mind was Witch Town.

A throwback to Seventeenth century England, Witch Town is run by the Five Covens, each designated by colours: Black, White, Red, Green and Blue. This is a matriarchal society where the women are known as Mothers and Daughters and the men, Husbands and Sons. The women are able to use Words of Power, which they channel through amulets known as SpiritHearts, that once worn literally become a part of them. The men are taught from birth that their role is to provide offspring and work as servants.

Against a backdrop of Coven and gender politics, deceit and manipulation, with their own unique laws and traditions, the newcomers find themselves trapped within this community, where they must all face separate struggles for survival.

Ellie, most of all, is tested to her limit, as she discovers that she shares a kinship with these women and now faces a new life as a Mother. She must learn to harness and control the power that awakens within her, to not only save herself, but also the lives of her family and friends.

nov. 1, 2013, 7:36pm

There's a group called Hobnob with Authors for promoting your own books.

A couple of people have flagged your post for self-promotion, but I'm not going to for a couple of reasons. 1. You're not selling it - you're telling us it's available fo free. 2. You're not hijacking someone else's thread to do it. 3. You're respecting our intelligence. Nothing is more annoying than someone pretending to be a member/reader just to promote their own book which is always a 5 star book that is the greatest thing ever that they couldn't put down and no matter what kind of book you like, you'll LOVE this book, because it's the BEST BOOK EVER!