I love to sew


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I love to sew

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set. 4, 2006, 3:08 am


I decided to join this group, although I need to join a new group like I need a whole in the head. It just drew me to join because I love to sew and have done all my life.

Techniques I am skilled at

Dressmaking, Quilting and Patchwork.

Techniques I would love to learn more about although I have done some:

Heirloom work
Fusing, Bonding and using a soldering iron to decorate apparell.

So I need another nine lives to achieve all I want but the good thing is I will not get bored.

Oh yes and I am currently learning to do machine embroidery and learning to digitize my own designs. It is fascinating.

As far as machines are concerned I have just purchased a nice fancy Bernina embroidery/sewing computer but prior to that managed very nicely with my old Bernina Record, Frister Rossman three-thread overlocker

I would be lost without my books.

Regards mopinwil

set. 11, 2006, 6:37 pm

I love to sew too!! I also love heirloom and smocking but I have few people to do it for because my two granddaughters are more the blue jeans and t-shirt types. I collected antique christening gowns for a while and have about 8 or 9 in my collection along with some other clothing of that era - the white heirloom work.
I am not much of a quilter I must confess. I love the piecing but I don't quilt - by hand or by machine so I have about 5 tops that need to be quilted. A local quilt shop just bought a "gammil" (sp) machine so I might be able to get some finished up that way.
What sewing groups do you belong to on the 'net? I also have a sewing group addiction so I am on many Quiltropolis groups as well as lots of Yahoo Groups. Maybe we are already on some groups together. I also belong to a lot of fabric and notions coops where people buy and sell fabrics and notions as well as patterns.

oct. 28, 2006, 12:24 pm

Wow, I haven't heart the word "smocking" in a long time. I did some in the 80's but didn't keep it up.

Sorry, no sewing groups although I do have some favorite on-line shops.

I did most of my early sewing on my mother's black Singer (which I now own for sentimental reasons) and I bought a basic Kenmore in 1978 for $178. It was a fabulous machine, nothing fancy, which saw me through many decades of sewing. I still have it and it still works wonderfully; however, most of my sewing is now done on a new Singer. I just can't bring myself to buy one of the new, expensive fancy machines...not because I can't afford it, but perhaps because the basic machine does almost everything I need (maybe I'm just too "old-school"). I am thinking about an overlock machine though, so any suggestions there would be appreciated.

I enjoy quilting - yes, the colorwork and the piecing mostly. I don't mind machine-quilting the small projects but farm out anything large. I also enjoy, from time to time, Victorian crazy quilting - mostly because I get to play with hand-embroidery, beads..etc. My problem is that I like to do TOO MANY things...