Looking for a few things.

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Looking for a few things.

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Any kind of romance, {I really like the thick little vintage sagas especially} or historical fiction set in Regency, Victorian, or 1900-1910s (I like the Edwardian period most of all) England but WRITTEN in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s--maybe 90s? Even older than 20s would be lovely too. I collect antique books. I like the more obscure stuff, with dustjackets and illustrations and things, if that helps. Also, some authors that I like and may be similar are: Kate Morton, Victoria Holt, Susan Howatch, Jane Austen, Nancy Mitford, Edith Wharton, Sarah Waters, the Brontes, Amanda Quick, LM Montgomery.

Some misc books I've enjoyed or already have on my shelf are Contessa by Helene Mansfield, Ambitions by Audrey Howard, Csardas and The Summer of The Barshinskeys by Diane Pearson, two books by Syrie James, Make Way for Lucia, The Diary of A Country Edwardian Lady, dozens of Virago Modern Classics, the jane austen mysteries by Stephanie Barron, Damaris by Jane Sheridan, Alice Davenport by Audrey Reimann, belgrave Sqaure by Rachel Summerson.

I ADORE Downton Abbey, period dramas, historical mysteries and multi-generational sagas. I'd like something somewhat historically accurate, if possible, though I'm not against throwing that away for enjoyment purposes.

Thanks a bunch!