A wider Sunni-Shiite War?

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A wider Sunni-Shiite War?

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Editat: juny 14, 2014, 7:53pm

With recent events in Iraq, it looks like we might be seeing a wider Sunni-Shiite war spreading across Lebanon-Syria-Iraq. Maybe reaching into the Gulf States, too. On one side, we have Turkey and Saudi Arabia backing the Sunnis, on the other side Iran, Hezbollah and the Iraqi and Syrian 'official' governments. Meanwhile, Kurds in Iraq and Syria seem to be solidifying their independence.

There aren't really any 'good guys' in all of this, and I think the West should stay out of it, if we can. Interfering will probably just make the situation worse, not better. Plus, I really don't think the public in North America or Europe is keen on getting involved in another Middle East war.

Ultimately, the best solution for a lasting peace would probably be to divide both Syria and Iraq into 3 sections: Sunni, Shiite (or Alawite) and Kurdish. This would mean population transfers and sectarian violence, but that's happening now, anyway. It would be ideal if Christian, Druze, Turkmen and other minorities had their own autonomous areas, but that's probably expecting too much.

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