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The New Genres

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Editat: ag. 7, 2007, 9:39pm

Does anyone perceive the need for new genres when contemporary writing styles seem to contain a combination of elements such as fiction, history, biography, erotica, murder, mystery, and expose/scandal?

New genres may seem nouveau and chic yet only obscure what a writer may be truly attempting to accomplish.

I also like the new styles of writing with change of narrator within mid-story although the name of a French author who wrote a novel where the narrator dies within mid-story eludes me at the moment.

To be honest, lately, I have only read reviews and critiques of Bret Easton Ellis' work, and have sampled the readings of Tama Janowitz (I liked her Slaves of New York - although it is now old) and Kirsten Bakis' Lives of the Monster Dogs (which is also old).

I write more than I read, (if that's obvious), and at this stage of my writing career only prefer to review and critique others.

I am also specializing with the biofiction techniques and creative history methods to expound upon my own memoirs and life experiences.

Would you have any good recommendations of recently read or favorite authors that the group may have recently discussed?

I would also like to introduce everyone to my latest book of completed fiction and short stories, THE WRITING SAMPLER by Michael F. Hemingway, now available at and other online booksellers.