Hi I'm new here


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Hi I'm new here

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I haven't cataloged my massive sewing book library yet, but I intend to at some point because hopefully it will keep me from buying the same book several times over. My favorite sewing book ever is Fine Machine Sewing by Carol Laflin Ahles (sp??) And my favorite type of sewing is sewing for kids. I belong to many sewing internet groups and it was on one of those I found out about Librarything. Too bad there isn't "PatternThing" to catalog the patterns that I own. I confess, I don't use patterns much anymore since I started sub'ing to Ottobre Design which is a finnish magazine (now published in English) that comes out 4 times a year and has 30-40 patterns for kids clothes in it. Beautifully drafted and very stylish (some a bit too avante guard for my grand kids)
I've also done a lot of bridal sewing for my 4 daughters and their friends over the years. And although I don't like home dec sewing much it's necessary and very much a money saver so I've done a fair bit of that as well.
So that's my intro - anyone else want to introduce yourself??

oct. 28, 2006, 11:49 am

I'm new here also. And I have just managed to catalog a small shelf of quilting books, which still leaves sewing, costuming, crafts...not to mention hundreds of patterns (I'm with you there, warbrideslass!).

I have been sewing since I was a kid, taught by my mom initially. It began with troll, peewee doll and Barbie clothes and later, when it was clear that if I was to have any cool clothes, I would have to make them myself. I still have the pattern for the super low slung wide bell hiphugger bellbottoms! I have loved making clothes for my children and still do occasionally, even though they are in their twenties (most recent: silk jacket for the oldest, cancan costume for the middle child...). I also have done bridal sewing since the late 70's, including my own two weddings:-), some alterations, and some costuming. I do home dec, quilting and anything else that interests me. I am a serious fabriholic...

I also knit, embroider and, once in a great while, cross-stitch. I have always been a "lone" seamstress/quilter/knitter and have never really joined communities...I suppose because I didn't want to just focus on one type of sewing or craft (i.e. quilting, knitting) and because I also...

read voraciously and, still work in a bookstore...I had thought about starting a group called "book and thread" but saw you, warbridelass, in here (I have met you in the historical fiction group) and thought differently...so here I am.

Speaking of books: I think Kate Grenville's Idea of Perfection has one of the most romantic moments ever written for a seamstress/quilter/fabric artist...

oct. 29, 2006, 12:44 am

Well that means another book I have to add to my list. I don't think I've read any Kate Grenville. What type of books does she write? I must say that belonging to LT has dramatically increased my booklist and my reading volume. Although this past week I have mostly been locked in the sewing room doing halloween costumes. I'll put the link up for my photos on flikr. I have two costumes up there now, and one more almost finished. I made a tooth fairy/princess, a whale (yes dgd 5 wanted to be a whale so I made her one), and a red devil - red shirt and tie, red pants, red cape that swooshes as per instructions from dgs 7. These kids really challenge me with their imaginative descriptions and they expect that I will fulfill their mental images of their costumes. I haven't had any complaints so far, but the whale really tested my skills. As it is, I don't know if it's wearable by a 5yo, we will see when she gets it in the mail on Monday and tries it on.
Here's the link of my progress so far:


You should join some sewing lists. I have made some wonderful friends on mine and most of them have multiple fibre related addictions like you. And it is an addiction. I MUST avoid the fabric store for the next six months as pennance for what I spent this month on Halloween fabrics. It's insane. Talk about blow the budget. It's just nice to talk to other people whose eyes don't glaze over when you talk about fabrics and sewing and patterns and yarn etc.

oct. 29, 2006, 3:10 pm

I don't DARE to join any more lists, I'm finding out currently how much time I'm spending on LT!

Kate Grenville is an Australian author who has written 4 or five novels, I believe. I read The Idea of Perfection first and have most recently read her latest The Secret River and have picked up some of her early books but have not read them yet. One of the two main characters is a fabric artist/quilter. There are some wonderful lines about how she looks at fabric. I pasted in a link to the US publishers page which would give you a better synopsis. I doubt the link will work but you can copy and paste it into your browser.


I like that phrase "multiple fiber-related addictions" - that's me, for sure.