The Sandman Overture


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The Sandman Overture

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nov. 14, 2015, 11:23pm

I know this group read is kinda-sorta over, but in the interest of keeping everything in the same place (should anyone wander by sometime in the future and take an interest), I though I'd post a review of the latest installment, The Sandman Overture, the prequel to the whole saga.

The short of it: Go. Buy/Borrow. Read. Now.

The long(er) of it:

In which Morpheus, the Dream King, the Sandman, is pulled to a surprising gathering and goes to correct an anomaly he caused, but things go awry and the outcome makes him so exhausted that Burgess is capable of capturing him, bringing on the sleeping sickness that occurs at the beginning of the original Sandman series. I received news of this prequel to an, in my mind, already perfect series with huge excitement, but also some trepidation - 25 years is a long time and I wasn't sure that Gaiman would be in a position to tell a story that didn't clash with the original series in style. It didn't take too long for my fears to dissipate, though (and J.H. Williams III's absolutely astounding art helped a lot), and it was soon clear that Gaiman has kept the character safe in his mind all of these years; Dream is back, his own insensitive, self-obsessed, responsible, flawed, wonderful, magical self, the way he was when we first made his acquaintance and it is a delight (no pun intended) to meet him (and his family, including his mother and father!) again and to finally find out what made Dream so weak that someone like Roderick Burgess could capture him and keep him imprisoned for seventy-two years - it's a whopper of a tale, if you were wondering, and one that should not be missed.

feb. 25, 2016, 12:34pm

Thank you a thousand times for creating a thread for Overture! I am right in the middle and I will post my thoughts here after I'm done.

feb. 27, 2016, 5:43pm

>2 luvamystery65:
Great - looking forward to seeing what you think!!