Ring in the New Year Readathon, Anyone?

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Ring in the New Year Readathon, Anyone?

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Editat: des. 21, 2015, 9:22pm

I'd be willing to host a Readathon to ring in the New Year, if there would be enough people interested. It's a great way to squeak in one more book for 2015 and get a start on the new year. I'm thinking about running it from 3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, December 31, to midnight on Sunday, January 3. It will be a drop-in format: stop by as you are able and check in as often as you like to report on your progress--no rules about number of books or pages read, how often to check in, responding to memes, etc. Let's just relax, have fun, and read! Please post on the 2016 Readathon thread if you would be interested. If there are at least 10 participants, I'll set up an official readathon thread in the 2016 group on Wednesday, 12/30.