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set. 23, 2006, 10:36am

I used to buy from and was in their wine club for awhile - which was fun and introduced me to many wines I might not have tried ordinarily. The other day when I was checking out Woot, I found Wine.woot, which offers a good deal on one wine every Monday. I get Nat MacClean's wine newsletter and the Winepress Northwest email, use Jancis Robinson's site for reviews and information as well as reading Wine Anorak. What online resources do you use for wine-y goodness?

Editat: oct. 2, 2006, 1:57pm

I'm a member of Andrea Robinson's wine club and am very impressed: the wines are reasonably priced and well chosen, she has an excellent writeup, and always adds a recipe to match the wines.

I think the Wine Lovers Page is an excellent resource and the discussion group is very good.

I'm a member of Jancis Robinson Purple Pages, and check in on several other wine discussion groups from time to time: eBob, WineTherapy, Tom Cannavan, the two Australian sites, etc.

Many of the wine retailers and importers have excellent sites -- I like Beekman Wines in Glen Rock, New Jersey, a model for a good local website. Berry Brothers & Budd in London is outstanding; Louis/Dressner is great for small producers in France; the Burgundy Wine Company in New York is great for Burgundy and Oregon; and the New York Times, especially Eric Asimov's wine blog, is outstanding.

Google is a constant source of new sites -- just search on wine, or a wine that interests you. And, of course, wine books. :-)

Regards, Bob