Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star by Pierce Brown

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Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star by Pierce Brown

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For anyone who hasn't taken a look at these three books, they form a space opera focusing on Mars.

Here are my reviews:

Red Rising
In a well-colonized solar system a few hundred years in the future, life is highly striated, and those who work and live in the mines on Mars are told they sacrifice so that the surface of Mars will some day be habitable for the hoards of crowded Earth. So it has been for generations, while unbeknownst to them Mars is teeming with life, and humanity has long ago moved as far as Pluto and its moons. A newly married miner discovers the truth and becomes the center of a plot to overthrow the caste system so that all can partake in the richness of life that is available to only a few at the top. Now, if I had read that synopsis I'd have thought this was a young adult book, but it definitely is not, although YAs will enjoy it too. The story is told in the first person and was exciting and interesting, and a delight for this Martian-fiction fan. *****

Golden Son
A sequel to "Red Rising" and almost as good, although it suffers a bit from being the 2nd in a trilogy and from an abundance of battle scenes. Still, I couldn't put it down. ****

Morning Star
Excellent finish to this solid 5-star trilogy. Superior space opera, centering on Mars and the uprising of a caste of humans long held in ignorance of the wealth their work produces for the rest of humankind. The series must be read in order. *****