The Ruins of Mars, Vol. 1

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The Ruins of Mars, Vol. 1

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març 1, 2016, 10:28am

The Ruins of Mars by Dylan James Quarles **** 2/29/16

Martian fiction that is, all-in-all, well worth the read. A bit of editing would have helped here and there, especially in some unnecessary repetitions of explanations and the occasional grammatical error, but the characters and story are interesting and pull the reader along.

Twin AIs, sent in orbiting probes to scan Mars for water, discover there are hidden buildings deep beneath Mars' sand. The plan for a human expedition is expedited and an archaeologist added to the crew. This book, the first in a trilogy, details the flight to Mars, the construction of a temporary base, and the archaeologist's discovery of a cave system under the ruins which will allow easier access to the city. Meanwhile, the twin AIs have gone silent after tracking down a signal from one of Mars' moons, and while the humans wonder if the AIs have died, the twins themselves are investigating Mars' history from another perspective.

The AIs are particularly intriguing characters, and there are quite a few of them. For instance, NASA has one, the Mars spaceship and colony has one, and the CIA has its own (and this one is pretty scary). Each has its own personality and quirks. Their omnipresence in the lives of humans is one plot development I spent some time considering.

So now I'm off to read volume 2. You know the book is a success when you care enough to continue with the series.