The Ruins of Mars: Eye of the Apocalypse (Book 3)

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The Ruins of Mars: Eye of the Apocalypse (Book 3)

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març 6, 2016, 12:04pm

The Ruins of Mars: Eye of the Apocalypse by Dylan James Quarles ***½ 3/6/16

The third in a trilogy which must be read in order. The various threads of the previous two books come together as astronauts on Mars, governments on Earth, ancient Martians, a mysterious race of interstellar travelers, and a race of AIs contend with solar pulses which have killed millions and threaten to destroy life on Earth as they once did on Mars.

Like the previous novels, the book has interesting characters and action, but here things went on too long. A subplot about a Chinese killbot and details of government officials trying to save their families were unnecessary, and without them the plot would have been much tighter. There were also continuing grammatical and word-usage errors which were strange. The author can clearly write and has a grasp of plot and characterization, so some of the errors were puzzling: "on mass" instead of "en masse", for instance.

For the enthusiast of Martian fiction, an enjoyable series.