Can you donate any technical books to Vanuatu?

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Can you donate any technical books to Vanuatu?

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oct. 18, 2007, 10:23 pm

Hi everyone,

Kirrily Robert (LT user skud) is in Vanuatu at the moment, and has discovered that there's a severe shortage of technical books over there. She found herself in need of a copy of Javascript: The Definitive Guide but ran into the problem that there's probably not one in the whole *country*.

She's looking to fix this, and is trying to get together some donated technical books for the Vanuatu IT Users' Society. Details on the project are available here: Technical Books For Vanuatu

If you think you might be able to spare some technical books (Linux/Programming/Databases/etc) then please take a look at that page. Space is a consideration - the hope is to get not more than a couple of boxes full of high-quality books. Time is also of the essence, the books would need to arrive in San Francisco no later than October 30th - although there's an option to volunteer to ship from Amazon if you wouldn't be able to get books there in time (which is certainly the case for me!).

I think this is a worthwhile cause, so if any of my fellow LT users could help out then that would be wonderful!