Consider the Winners -- for Fiction

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Consider the Winners -- for Fiction

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set. 5, 2016, 5:26pm

Summer is coming to a close. So, it's time to put down the beach reads and pick up the heavy tomes, otherwise known as "literature." I figure if the poor 18 and unders are back doing time in school, it's only fitting that we who have served our sentences celebrate our return to the society of great writers and our favorite works by them.

Let's examine the major literary award winners for 2015/2016. They may already include a few of your favorite writers. Tell us about a favorite work by your most favorite(s) and why it achieves your regard.

Does it inspire you?
Is there a character in the book that continues to "live" for you?
Was it a masterpiece of plotting?
Is the central topic one of special interest to you?
Was it set in an age that holds a special fascination for you?
Did it change your view of the world?
Do you wish you'd written the book?

Your reason may be entirely different, it may be a combination of factors, it may be that you know you love that book above most others but can't pin down why. But now is your chance to reflect and perhaps dig out the reason for your strong positive reaction.

If the most recent prize winners in the following list aren't your favorite award winner of this century, by all means, comment about the one who is.

Pen Award -- Toni Morrison
National Book Award -- Adam Johnson for Fortune Smiles
Pulitzer -- Viet Thanh Nguyen
Man Booker -- Marlon James
Man Booker International -- Han Kang
Edgar -- Lori Roy for Let Me Die in His Footsteps
National Book Critics Circle -- Paul Beatty for The Sellout
Hugo -- N. K. Jemison
Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction (formerly Orange Prize) -- Ali Smith for How to be both

Decided that's a long enough list of the best known awards that provide the best chances for finding a book you've read by the winner.

Next time I may do lesser known State awards so participants can pick from their favorite writer from their home state.

NOTE: I apologize. Some of these authors' hotlinks are not working. I have removed the hot link in these cases and bolded their names. Please enter those names in LT search to go to their page.