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Great Mars Short Fiction

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nov. 14, 2016, 9:07am

Hello All,

I'm working on a project involving Mars short fiction and I stumbled across your group. Could anyone suggest any good short fiction or anthologies about Mars and, in the case of specific short stories, where I can find it?

Here is what I'm already aware of:

Mars, We Love You (anthology)
Old Mars (anthology)
Under the Moons of Mars (John Joseph Adams anthology (not the Edgar Rice Burroughs stuff))
Martian Chronicles
The Martian Way (Isaac Asimov - Collection)

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.


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The Outward Urge by John Wyndham

Four stories (published in 1959) connect 200 years of a family whose members have a tendency to want to explore space, from a WWII pilot and his grandson, a space station worker in 1994, through a Moon base commander and members of the first mission to Mars and the first successful trip to Venus. Light-weight SF, typical of Wyndham, but quite enjoyable, with some haunting moments involving the loneliness and fear likely in such enterprises.

Fourth Planet from the Sun: Tales of Mars from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

A wonderfully entertaining collection of short stories dealing with humanity's efforts to explore and/or colonize Mars. One or two of the stories aren't quite top-notch, but most are original and either very funny or powerfully thoughtful. The first story, by Bradbury, about two women preparing to join 5000 others to travel to Mars to join (or find) their husbands, is a lovely meditation on the frontier experiences of women. It's so beautifully written I had to read it twice. Other stories will have readers laughing out loud by the end. A varied grouping which will tickle Mars enthusiasts no end.

Journey Back to Mars: a sci-fi collection by Hugo Huesca

A mixed bag of short stories from a newcomer. Several have wonderful surprise endings and make finding a copy to read well worthwhile. The final story, though, is more a children's tale and doesn't really have the magic of the earlier stories (it also has quite a few typos). I think this will be an author to watch. The final story takes place on Mars. The book is available for Kindle and free for Kindle Unlimited. If you get a copy, be sure to read the first story. Not about Mars, but so funny.

The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson

This fourth book is a series of short stories, some poems, and even a few scientific reports (all done within the Martian world Robinson created in Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars), and they add some interesting alternatives and information on major and minor characters and theories. If you've read the trilogy proper, do tack this on to your TBR list. If not, don't, because it will make little sense.

Sleepers of Mars by John Wyndham

Minor early Wyndham from the 1930s, but still enjoyable for the committed fan. Includes the following stories: "Sleepers of Mars" (a companion piece to the novel "Stowaway to Mars"), "Worlds to Barter", "Invisible Monster", "The Man from Earth", and "The Third Vibrator".