That Time of Year -- Looking Back @ the Best & Worst of 2016

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That Time of Year -- Looking Back @ the Best & Worst of 2016

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des. 26, 2016, 3:13pm

What a ghastly year in general. Thank goodness good writers are still cranking out good books. Thank goodness there are plenty of "late" great writers who still wait to be discovered by venturous readers. And thank goodness for Library Thing where good people gather to gab about all those goodies with each other in various cozy reading rooms -- like this one.

Except it's hard to choose a single best new-to-me author discovered this year. Too hard for me, anyway. So, if a tough old bibliobird like myself wimps out, I suppose the rules must be relaxed for all.

Please comment in the thread about your stars in the writers' firmament. I was thrilled to discover two big winners and disappointed to trip over a couple who I'd rather have left undiscovered. But I'll hold off reporting until I read some of your choices. And please warn us off your ghastlies; tough love may be required, but literary love demands you reveal the bad and the good.

Have at it, friends! Who are they?