Santa Thing Gifts: Authors I Received

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Santa Thing Gifts: Authors I Received

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des. 26, 2016, 3:37pm

While my Santa Thing books haven't arrived, I did check out the choices my Secret Santa, EllsieFind (a member of All Writers Considered) made for me. Boy, am I lucky! Not only am I chomping at the bit and glaring at my mailbox with unalloyed annoyance because the books haven't arrived, but I'm eagerly awaiting an introduction to two new-to-me authors. How's that for a double serving of anticipation, the most delightful of emotions?


Richard Powers
Laila Lalami


The Moor's Account

Are you familiar with either author, these two books? Please tell me what you think -- am I lucky, or what?

Please tell us the authors your Secret Santa selected for you. If you want to tell us what authors you chose for your Santee, we'd be glad to hear about them, too. After all, how better to add to our teetering TBR piles?

des. 30, 2016, 10:39am

Santa Thing books arrived today. 2 great choices. As it turns out, I did receive The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami, which I began reading the moment I opened the package. This is going to be a GRAND saga -- I'm hooked and ready for adventure.

The second book is not Gain and I have to admit I'm glad because the replacement choice is Amitav Gosh's, Sea of Poppies. Imagine, a novel with a 40pp glossary at the end of it!

Both authors are new to me, but both of their books are exactly the kind of literature that I enjoy reading. I'm so happy to get them! Lalami is Morroccon by birth and American by choice. Who better to write a tale of exploration of the New World by a Muslim Moor on expedition as a slave among the Spaniards?

Can't say anything about Sea of Poppies} because I haven't tarted reading it. Wait and see. . .