New Recommendation - Rise & Fall of Mondavi


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New Recommendation - Rise & Fall of Mondavi

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1Katie_H Primer missatge
Editat: nov. 26, 2007, 6:24pm

I just wanted to suggest a book that I recently read -- The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty by Siler, Julia Flynn. It was extremely interesting, and provided some great insight into the workings of the California wine industry. Has anyone else read this?

nov. 27, 2007, 4:48am

Haven't read the book. But I've been reading about the doings of the Mondavi's in the S.F. Chronicle for a long time. Quite a saga the family has lived.

nov. 27, 2007, 8:10am

No, but it sounds interesting. Not a Mondavi fan though, winewise.

nov. 29, 2007, 2:36pm

"Not a Mondavi fan though, winewise."

Me either, except for Opus One, though I can rarely afford it! ;)

Their family, and especially Robert, has been key in completely transforming the wine industry. Not just in California and the U.S., but, one can argue, throughout the world as well. Plus, there is so much drama involved, that their story doesn't get boring!