South Kortright, NY

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South Kortright, NY

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Editat: gen. 9, 2008, 3:22pm

The Bibliobarn

Roses Brook Rd
South Kortright, NY 13842
(607) 538-1555

'Read dirt cheap', as the welcoming red neon sign says.

There simply cannot be a more pretty bookshop in the world. South Kortright is a fair distance from most places (except Hobart NY, of which more later), and when we visited it had just snowed. We were the only customers running the gauntlet, but were we pleased we did! Run by the wise and charming HL and Karen, this place is a piece of bibliophile-heaven on two capacious floors. The proprietors live in, so the place has a wonderful homely feel. A very friendly Maine Coon called 'Mountain Man' will follow you around if you're lucky (he had a good chew on my wellington boot), and you'll encounter a brace of canines upstairs.

Broadly speaking, downstairs you will find the humanities (excluding the 'ologies') and science, with everything else upstairs. It is a wonderful place. Every book lover must visit it once in their life. I understand they do great 'blow out' sales from time to time (they have two containers of books out the back and another remote storage facility, so restocking isn't an issue for these folks!), but their prices are very reasonable to begin with. Their inventory was in excellent condition.

gen. 11, 2008, 8:03am

I agree, Diamat. I visited it last year and came away with way too many books!