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deltona-deland-daytona beach, florida

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Editat: gen. 20, 2008, 9:10am

volusia county (which has the above-mentioned towns in it) has probably more used book stores and venues than any place I've visited. I'm listing the ones I frequent (and know) randomly below:

1. The Muse Book Store, Main Street, DeLand (across from the Checkers drivethrough restaurant). If it was classic in any age, Janet Bollum has it. she also sells my books.

2. Half-Off Books, 2751 Enterprise Road, Orange City, just opened last year. Has quality material with individual pricing. Also sells my books.

3. The Family Book Store, Upper Main Street (US 17-92). An acre of books, with a wide selection of everything from 19th century sets to magazines and comic books.

4. Patty's Paperbacks, Industrial Park, Orange City. Patty is hidden away, but she is the cheapest seller of books. Worth finding the store! Mostly all paperbacks, with a full room of romance, and esoteric titles you probably won't find anywhere else. She will take your books in trade (those she needs) and credit you 1/4 the cover price, then sell you books on the shelf for 1/2 their cover price. Several times I have walked out of there with a credit on my card for the transaction! She also will try to find you something you want and she doesn't have with her file card bank of collectors and customers. She also sells my books.

5. Books! Books! Books! Stuck in the middle of a shopping center along Enterprise Road. There are three of them between Saxon Blvd. and US17-92 and I never can get them straight. Anyway, the address is in the phone book. Too high priced for me, but a good source of newly printed best-sellers at reduced prices.

6. Mandala Books, International Speedway Drive a block from US1 in Daytona Beach. Victor Newman's store is moderately priced, but here you will find those expensive anti-quarian books you won't find at the others. And if there is one particular book you want, you might ask Victor if he has it in his voluminous (pun intended) home collection.

7. Abraxus, Beach Street, Daytona Beach. Don't know much about this store. Only in it once and it was so disorganized and cluttery I didn't feel I could profitably spend my time unless I had a whole half a day.

8. Goodwill stores in Orange City and Daytona Beach. Together, they have probably about a thousand used books.

9. Our Father's Closet on SR44 just east of DeLand (New York Boulevard). Extremely inexpensive, they get books in lots and could have just about anything. If you are a vinyl record buff, that section of hundreds of 45s aned albums is right next to the books.

10. Huge ongoing library sales are extant at the Daytona Beach Library on City Island, DeLand Library, Deltona Librlary, and Port Orange Library and Ormond Beach Library. Smaller ones at the other six library locations. None in the Lake Helen library (yet).

11. Cliff's Books in lodged in a tiny (10 feet wide) store on the Boulevard in DeLand and is only open from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, but it is a MOST UNUSUAL store and should be a target of your perambulations here. Why? you ask.
Because it has solid copies of authors and music and comics you will not find anywhere else. How many stores have three stacks of H. P. Lovecraft's works? How about four of five stacks of John D. MacDonalds? If you can't spend at least $20 at an avereage of $2 to $3 a book there, and you consider yourself a reader of fantasy fiction (wait until you see the Clifford Simnak collection!), well, I just don't know!
(Cliff also sells my books.)

gen. 16, 2008, 11:17am

sounds like a paradise to me!