Book club in Sydney, Australia

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Book club in Sydney, Australia

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gen. 27, 2008, 1:03am

For readers in Sydney, Australia:

Chatswood Book Club welcomes generous and opinionated readers. We meet for a leisurely hour at 11AM on the first Saturday of each month, in Chatswood Westfield's Starbucks on Victoria Avenue, upstairs in the comfy chairs.

Our next books are:

Feb 2 Suite Francaise rene Nemirovsky
Mar 1 Bad News Donald Westlake
Apr 5 Cat's Eye Margaret Atwood

We prefer novels to nonfiction, and favour literary over popular fiction. We've been running for 2 years, and are still forming our working methods, but we tend to rotate a meeting chairperson for discussion, and poll for titles every 4 months.

We loved "Black Swan Green" by David Mitchell ; got polarised opinions on Melville's "Moby Dick"; and pretty universally panned "Almost French" from Sarah Turnbull.

For more information, please contact Rachel

Phone: 0418 190 315
or email razrea2001 AT yahoo DOT com DOT au