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gen. 31, 2008, 4:08pm

so, I'm a solitary practitioner (I'm a judeo-pagan witch, so it hasn't a name. magelet's religion I suppose.), and while I go to open circles on the sabbats with bay area reclaiming, and have some pagan friends, mostly I work alone. I was going to join a teaching coven (or a learning coven for me lol, I've only been on this path for about a year and a half), but it fell through, since the covenleader ran into serious legal and custodial troubles with her ex-husband, and hadn't the time to devote to the planned coven. Anyways, for the time being, I'm a solitary.
I've been doing a lot of reading (of course) and I've always been attracted to trancework, and spiritjourneying, even as a young child. Most of the books I've read that talk about it say to go into trance, and then establish your power place or safe place or inner temple etc. before you go further. A few even say to use a trance induction like floating down a rainbow, or walking down steps. Some mention drums, others chanting. But I'm left rather clueless as to how to learn to go into trance.
I can meditate, and I've done secular guided meditations, but... it doesn't feel like a trance in either situation. I feel like in a trance, I should be unaware or almost unaware of the world around me, and I am very aware always. I feel like it should feel less like daydreaming, and just imagining, and feel more real at that moment.
Anyways, my questions here are: do you know of any books specifically on trancework, and getting into trance? how do you get into trance by yourself? how do you know when you ARE in a trance? I've looked around online and in books, but I just haven't really found much. Thanks, and happy almost imbolc,

març 17, 2008, 7:39pm

Editat: abr. 27, 2010, 6:00am

I liked Christopher Penczak's Inner Temple of Witchcraft. It's helps that he has a pleasant voice, because there's nothing worse than trying a guided meditation with an annoying guide voice.

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