Author discoveries in 2018

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Author discoveries in 2018

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set. 11, 2018, 9:10am

A couple in the science fiction realm I met this year:

Austin Tappan Wright died in a car accident in the 1930s. His family found thousands of pages dedicated to an imaginary continent in the southern hemisphere, and with the help of an editor they were able to release the completed novel Islandia. Very unique and worthwhile, but out of print at the moment so it can be hard to track down.

Paul O. Williams was an Illinois university professor who acquired a reputation for haiku but also had an interest in science fiction and wrote a seven book series starting with The Breaking of Northwall in the late 70s and early 80s. It's not great literature by any stretch, but it's a rare optimistic take on a post-apocalyptic Earth that has its own unique charm.

In other news: I've mostly been striking out with the classics this year, unfortunately. I'm not a newfound fan of Wuthering Heights or Vanity Fair; although I did enjoy revisiting Steinbeck's work in Tortilla Flat.