The crow 1994 - the greatest movie I've ever seen!

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The crow 1994 - the greatest movie I've ever seen!

feb. 2, 2019, 5:12pm

I know it's a movie but I miss these kind of stories... Do you know any books or movies with the same "ingredients"?
I also enjoy Historical romances though they lack the action/dark part... And I think I've read and seen all the gothic romances out there...

feb. 3, 2019, 12:26am

Apparently The Crow was a book to start with, or someone wrote a book after the film was done, with art along with it. Not sure if it's just illustrated or if there are graphic novels but there is print material to find. It's been a while since I've watched it, though I still own it.

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I found it here: . It was a comic book series in 1989.

I didn't notice until looking it up now but apparently there was a re-make in the works but it never got off the ground. I'm not sure how I would feel about that.

feb. 3, 2019, 12:22pm

feb. 3, 2019, 2:37pm

>3 WeeTurtle: That remake is gaining some footing again, though fans of the original with Brandon Lee are very much against it.

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>5 gilroy: I'm not sure I'd watch it anyway. It's sort of stuck in my head as what it is. I might give the comic a look though.

I remember watching Darkman some time ago. Didn't know Sam Raimi did it though. He's forever the creator of the Evil Dead movies in my head, and Drag Me to Hell as well.

I'm not sure I would classify The Crow as being a superhero story, even though I see that description attached to it and he is somewhat of a vigilante. It's more grief and revenge, and that's much more to the core of the film than used as an origin, or that's what I remember.

feb. 4, 2019, 4:44am

Following the touchstone The Crow, there's a user recommendation for Soul Stealer.

Are you interested in film or books?

feb. 4, 2019, 4:59am

Thanks >#1, Like so many of my DVD's I own (but have NOT seen). Your Talk Header got me to find and place the film in a special pile :-)

MLAVS - Must Look At Very Soon !

Guido :-)

feb. 6, 2019, 11:52am

I cannot watch a remake. Brandon lee's performance is stuck in my head I cannot enjoy another one with the same premise. I have been watching many movies but none of them can create empathy like the character Eric Draven. There's something about him I cannot find anywhere. I found it in the joker interpreted by Heath ledger.....but he is a bad guy......there is something crazy and yet mind blowing about these characters. The way they move, the way they talk... Rouroni kenshin was also a good character! But I want more... :/

feb. 7, 2019, 6:51am

It might also be just knowing what happened as well. I find it hard to imagine a remake. I didn't mind Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad but his performance was a very different one, and the Joker was never exclusive to Heath Ledger. I've heard that Eric Draven appears a time or two more in the comics, but never again in film.

I've spoken a bit with my brother on the Conan remakes, and I think some of the discussion could be applied to "The Crow." Since there is source material beyond the character used in the comic series, why not just make a new one and leave Draven as he is?

feb. 7, 2019, 9:23am

They already have? The Crow has three sequels and an attempted TV show.

feb. 7, 2019, 9:59pm

>11 gilroy: Sequels aren't remakes though. In this case, I think they want to remake the original movie, which means someone reprising Brandon Lee's role.

I knew of one sequel but I've never actually watched it.

Or do you mean my comment about making a new movie?

gen. 24, 3:04am

>12 WeeTurtle: There were four Crow movies in total. The first and second are connected, as The Crow: City of Angels picks up about 10 years after The Crow. Sarah has moved to Los Angeles and works in a tattoo parlor while living in a loft and working on some sort of mural that seems to be connected to her memories of Eric Draven and Shelley Webster.

Eric Draven is not in this second movie; the only continuing character is Sarah, and she still has the ring Eric gave Shelley (and gives Sarah in the cemetery).

The "Crow" in this movie is Ash, a man who was murdered when he tried to protect his son. The little boy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed a crime, so the murderers killed both of them. Sarah has some sort of premonition via Ash's crow to go to the place where Ash and his son were dumped, and she helps him adjust to the transition between dead and undead.

The second movie is suitably creepy, and as before, it's about revenge for Ash. Fun fact: the actor who plays the main villain, Judah Earl, also played a squeaky-clean prosecutor on Law & Order.

The third and fourth movies are so forgettable that I don't remember what they were called or what they were about.

There were four graphic novels (I think; might have been five), and one of those was adapted into a Crow novel. There are several novels and one anthology of short stories. They're all decent-to-excellent reading, and some feature female Crows.

The TV series was called "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" and took a different slant on the nature of the Crow, the avatar, the Skull Cowboy, what is necessary to be reunited with Shelley, and how the main characters (both live and undead) interacted. Mark Dacascos and Marc Gomes (Draven and Albrecht, respectively) did superb jobs at portraying their characters and both actors were able to convey effective subtle nuances with just an expression or tone of voice. The series was shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, and the portions that take place in The Land of the Dead (where Shelley is for most of the series) were shot at Capilano Suspension Bridge (google it; it's an amazingly beautiful area of BC).

The TV series was supposed to have a second season. It had been renewed, so the final episode had almost a literal cliffhanger ending (won't spoil it)... but then a series of deals among studios and production companies resulted in the new owners opting to cancel the series. Alas, we won't ever know what was supposed to happen next... but that's what fanfiction is for. There is some Crow fanfiction around, on and other sites such as Archive Of Our Own (AO3). I've written quite a bit myself, but haven't posted it anywhere.

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I remember watching the movie with Brandon Lee, in Seattle when it was in theaters. It made quite an impression on me, and I bought the DVD and the movie soundtrack. It's such a sad story, and the real-life events around make it difficult for me to re-watch it.

Note---Brandon Lee is buried next to his father, Bruce, here in Seattle, in Capitol Hill's Lake View Cemetery, where the public can go. You'll see flowers, gifts, and other items, lain there from visitors from all over the world.

If they did make a remake, I'd be saddened in a way, so I hope that they don't do that, and as others have noted, there's more than enough source material from the original graphic novel(s)/comic book series to make other versions along the same line, without using Eric Draven.