Listing the Inklings


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Listing the Inklings

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Editat: feb. 22, 2008, 6:04 pm

After reading a book on Dorothy L. Sayers, Dorothy L. Sayers' Wimsey and Interwar British Society in which the author states that Sayers knew "Charles Williams, T.S. Eliot, C.S. Lewis, and, only slightly, J. R. R. Tolkien, collectively known as the Inklings. This quartet made up a self-sufficient group..." While it wasn't a horrific mistake, it jarred pretty badly with me - even knowing very little about the Inklings, I knew that they were more than four!

I got a bit curious who was considered an Inkling and after finding the Mythopoeic Society's Bibliography, I've now filled in the Common Knowledge Organization for each of the authors I could find.

However, this brings up an interesting question: according to the Mythopoeic Society, Roger Lancelyn Green isn't one of them, but our dear friend Wikipedia states so. Howeer, I just found that the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography provides an excellent entry on them... so perhaps I'll follow this instead... and also claims that said Roger Lancelyn Green isn't. So, I think I'm going to edit him out of the Inklings, and add in biographical information as I can.

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