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Shirley Jackson - Fine Editions

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set. 19, 2019, 8:11am

Hi all, does anyone know of a fine set of Shirley Jackson books that doesn't cost 500 dollars? I know Suntup did an edition that sold out instantly, and Easton Press made one that sold out and now fetches 500 on Ebay, and Folio Society cannot secure the rights to her work. So, are there any other fine editions that include her seminal work, The Haunting of Hill House?

set. 19, 2019, 1:58pm

Not exactly a “fine” edition, but a “nice” one from Library of America.

set. 19, 2019, 2:22pm

Thank you jroger1 . I've seen this one, but I hoped to have the books individually, rather than in a collected compendium. I don't know why this is so difficult. Especially with the new Netflix series coming out!

Editat: set. 21, 2019, 9:58am

Centipede Press is about to release a BEAUTIFUL edition of The Haunting Of Hill House. I suspect it'll be at or near the $500 you noted (maybe a tad north, but much less than the Suntup edition).

Check it out here:

I'm very much eyeing this one ... those illustrations are sweet!

Edit: almost forgot to mention, I own the LOA version jroger1 noted, and it is a very well constructed little book, though it is this side of "fine". The boards are a tad on the flimsy side, and the paper is of an archival "bible paper" style (thinner, slicker feel) but undoubtedly will last a long long time (note this is in regards to LOA in general, as their books are identically constructed as far as I can tell).

I will buy more LOA books when fine editions don't exist or aren't in the budget for stories I want - I have no issue having them in my collection, they fit just fine with the more exotic offerings. Eyeing the Philip K. Dick collection (3 books in slipcase) for around $45 on Amazon - that is a whole lot of good reading for not a lot of dollars! Tremendous value and well above trade hardcover quality.

set. 23, 2019, 8:51am

Thanks Sterley! Why does Centipede Press have to only make 250 copies? I don't know why they can't make more copies, more accessible to people instead of focusing on a small group. Even at 500 a copy, that's 125,000. If they produced, say 5,000 copies, and sold them for $100 a piece, that's still half a million dollars. I think the latter would make much better business-sense. The only person that wins are the book hawkers, who buy 10 copies and then increase the price tenfold.

If only Folio could get the rights... (Or if Easton Press would listen to their customers and just reprint the book, instead of publishing science and mathematics books that no one buys - and I did all my university education in the sciences with a minor in maths)