Fiction book/series about fugitive innocent.

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Fiction book/series about fugitive innocent.

Editat: des. 18, 2019, 3:56pm

Plot: young man in mourning over the death of his father comes home to find his house broken into, his uncle (father's twin brother) unconscious, and his little sister comatose. He flees the scene when he hears people coming, assuming they are the culprits, but they are police. The blame is pinned on him, he is capture by the mob, he escapes, and the duration of the series is spent with him avoiding arrest or re-kidnapping with the help of his two friends. Later in the series he encounters his previously unknown twin brother, finds out his uncle was responsible for his father's death and his sister's assault, and he discovers he is related to english royalty (his uncle's motive for murder).
Read 2013-2017 timeframe.

gen. 24, 10:20am

Renewing this post because I still want to know.