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oct. 23, 2006, 2:10 pm

I am new to LibraryThing, and to the group idea. I just joined your group, because, like you, I find cookbooks fascinating.

I have several questions to ask. Does anyone have a small cookbook that has Jewish holiday foods? It is silver and purple in color, if I remember right. It is half the height of a regular cookbook, and it is a paperback. I had it in the 70's. I am particularily interested in getting a recipe from it, if anyone has the book. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the title is. But there were a series of cookbooks published in a similar format and size.

Question #2: While reading on a kosher recipe list, I read about a book of fiction about someone back in about the middle ages who was keeping a kosher home, maybe in France. There were recipes included in the book. My impression is that the story was the important part of the book, not the recipes. I asked on the list what the name of the book was, but no one ever replied. I would love to find this book.

Thanks for any help you can give me. Sorry if this is too long.