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març 12, 2008, 6:01 pm

Hi! New here so no library yet! I was reighned in by a book something like "Easy, Easier, Easiest " and had a suit on the jacket cover! Now I can't seem to find it....I've just begun to do alterations in my home and am so busy like I never expected! I have three men's suits to alter and have never done one beforel. I just finished re-lining a man's suit coat and have some good info....but! one question! The front of this suit is so big the buttons overlap by about 6 inches! How do I fix that????
thx for any help you can give!

ag. 17, 2008, 9:46 pm

Also a newbie. Do not stress myself into the word couture but I am a very good seamstress and been sewing any and everything 40 plus years.

About your suit. There's altering and then there is remaking. You are into the remaking or complicated altering. You could take the side seams apart from below the arms to the hem and cut down just the front side seam and deepen the front darts a little. If the back fits well you don't want to do much to it. 6 inches of overlap is a lot to take out of the front but if the back is big also you can share the alterations with all of those seams.

I can't be really detailed without knowing how the suit is made.

"Easy, Easier and Easiest" may be the title of Sue Hausman's book. It's older but still available in used bookstores and on line