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maig 19, 2020, 11:49pm

I read a book between the years 2002 and 2005. I can’t remember exactly what the book was about, or any of the character names, but I remembered really liking it. I think the cover may have had a muscle car on the cover, possibly a dark purple.
What I remember is the setting involved a group of high school friends, during the summer and something about the main character either disappearing or possibly some sort of time travel or something like that. I remember a street light having some importance, and maybe a muscle car. I do remember in the text reading about the summer of 69 by Bryan Adams playing on the radio. I think the main character disappearing may have been worried that his girlfriend forgetting about him. Not 100% sure, I know it’s not much? but I would love if someone has any idea of the title of this book or ways I could find it. My endless google searches haven’t gotten me anywhere. Any help would be great.. Thank you!

gen. 21, 9:00pm

I'm searching for a book that is slightly similar to your search. Your street light comment sparked some kind of deep memory.
Just go with me on this one, as I have very faint memories of what I'm looking for too.
Someone disappears, group of friends go a different world/ land/ something. (Something like neverland...? Second star to the left?)
During one part near the end one of the girls catches a Frisbee without seeing it coming at her (I think she ends up staying in the new place)
I know it's very little, but ring any bells?

gen. 21, 10:13pm

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