Romance, Royals, Strong Female Lead

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Romance, Royals, Strong Female Lead

Editat: juny 7, 2020, 12:49am

I've read tons of these kinds of books, including The Selection, The Princess Trials, and American Royals. If you enjoy that, you'll probably like Divergent, and Delirium. I suggest reading books by Kiera Cass, Kasie West, Ally Condie, Julie Buxbaum, Elizabeth Eulberg, and Alexandra Moody. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!!!

Editat: juny 10, 2020, 3:28pm

I would recommend Holly Black's book The Cruel Prince. The main character, Jude Duarte is a really fantastic lead character, with a strength and moral ambiguity that's super fascinating and different from a lot of other books.