How did you get started on Casca?


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How did you get started on Casca?

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març 16, 2008, 9:03am

I'm always interested to learn how people first came across the series. For me it was my late mother buying me Casca 3: The Warlord at a market book stall back in 1986, and I liked the story so much I wanted to get the two that preceded it. Back in those days in the UK (pre-internet) getting an American-based series was almost impossible and it took me 13 years to get 1-22, and by that time I had the net and was able to get the books much easier. Nowadays I can get 1-22 with a click of a mouse and the others singly by the same method! How times have changed.

What about you good people?

març 16, 2008, 11:24pm

I started reading Casca The Eternal Mercenary in 1985 while I was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Barry Sadler had been a Staff Sergeant in my unit some 17 years prior to my arrival. All of us young bucks seized anything he wrote. I still have the first 22 books. I have not attempted to obtain any of the new stuff but am interested.

Barry's military experiences (it appears) assisted him with character development. It is Barry's actual photograph that is on the cover of The Eternal Mercenary.