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Dejah_Thoris reads more (not less) in 2020

juny 29, 2020, 3:55 pm

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my thread!

I'm a voracious reader from beautiful Georgia (US) who's been on LT since April of 2011 - I can't believe it's been that long!

Truth is, I have not been on LT consistently all these years - it's only been for the last 2 1/2 years or so that I've logged every book I've read. I don't post much on my own thread or on others, but I do visit other threads - yes, I'm a lurker.

One goal this year is, in addition to logging every book at the top of my thread, to post SOMETHING about it - even if it's just it's number and cover. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a little better than that. Another goal is to read less. I read 365 books in 2018 (I made certain I finished one more book that December to reach 365 - I mean, come on, how often am I ever going to reach that number?) and 335 in 2019. The more stressed out I am (among other things/situations) the more I read. So, I hope to cut back a bit in 2020. Ideally, I'd like to come in at 300 or fewer. We'll see.

In RL, I work, herd cats, garden, and participate in community theater - when not reading, obviously (I can, however, pet cats while reading). I'm planning to post more cat and garden photos this year. Theater photos if requested - I won't force those on anyone!

I participate in the TIOLI Challenges, the occasional Group Read, and many of the Category CAT/KIT Challenges over in the 2020 Category Challenge Group, but this is my primary personal thread.

I'm not setting any hard and fast goals, but in a general way, I'd like to read more nonfiction, read a play a week (unless I'm involved in a production), continue my reading of Pulitzer Prize Winners and Short Listed works, and read with more variety from works from throughout the 20th century.

I guess that's it - thanks again for dropping by!

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Pulitzer Finalists and Winners

Over the last few years, I've been trying to read all the winning and nominated works for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama - and a few from other categories as well. Lists of the non-winning Finalists have only been made available since 1980.

Year or 'finalist' for works read in 2020 are in bold.

Drama: 3 / 37
1918: Why Marry? by Jesse Lynch Williams
1938: Our Town by Thornton Wilder
1940: The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan
1943: The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder
1946: State of the Union by Russell Crouse and Howard Lindsay
1948: A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
1955: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams
1959: J. B.: A Play in Verse by Archibald MacLeish
1967: A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee
1971: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel
1977: The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer
finalist: Broadway Bound by Neil Simon
1981: Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley
1982: A Soldier's Play by Charles Fuller
1983: 'night, Mother by Marsha Norman
finalist: The Dining Room by A. R. Gurney
1987: Fences by August Wilson
1988: Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry
1989: The Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein
1990: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
1991: Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon
finalist: Prelude to a Kiss by Craig Lucas
finalist Conversations With My Father by Herb Gardner
1993 Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner
finalist A Perfect Ganesh by Terrence McNally
1995: The Young Man From Atlanta by Horton Foote
finalistThe Last Night of Ballyhoo by Alfred Uhry
2000: Dinner With Friends by Donald Margulies
2001: Proof by David Auburn
2003: Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz
2005: Doubt: A Parable by John Patrick Shanley
finalist: The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl
2007: Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire
2008: August: Osage County by Tracy Letts
2009: Ruined by Lynn Nottage
finalist: In the Next Room, or the vibrator play by Sarah Ruhl
2011: Clybourne Park
2017: Sweat by Lynn Nottage

I'm also hoping to read some works from other categories.

Biography/Autobiography: 0 / 0

Fiction/Novels: 0 / 11
1923: One of Ours by Willa Cather
1928: The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder
1932: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
1937: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
1945: A Bell for Adano by John Hersey
1948: Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener
1953: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
1961: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
1975: The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
2017: The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
2018: Less by Andrew Sean Greer

General Nonfiction: 0 / 6
1995: The Beak of the Finch: The Story of Evolution in Our Time by Jonathan Weiner
finalist: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt
finalist:Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder by Lawrence Weschler
1998: Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond
Finalist: Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men by Mara Hvistendahl
2013: Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America by Gilbert King

History: 0 / 2
1987: Voyagers to the West: A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of Revolution by Bernard Bailyn
Finalist Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City by Greg Grandin

Poetry: 0 / 2
1918: Love Songs by Sarah Teasdale (special prize, officially pre-Pulitzer Prize)
1923: assorted works by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Special Awards and Citations:

1977: Alex Haley for Roots
1992: Art Spiegelman for Maus

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Year by year….

I’m not trying to read a book for every year of the 20th century and beyond, but I do like to see where my reading falls on a timeline. Years for which I did not read a book in 2019 are marked with an * - if I missed it in 2018as well, it gets a double **.

2020 Sweep With Me +14
2019 Polaris Rising +25
2018 Stars Uncharted +11
2017 Empire Made: My Search for an Outlaw Uncle Who Vanished in British India +12
2016 Penric and the Shaman +11
2015 The Empress Game +7
2014 Lock In +5
2013 The Human Division +8
2012 Servant of the Underworld +2
2011 Inside Out & Back Again +2
2010 A Few Right Thinking Men +1
2009 Angel's Blood +1
2008 Princep's Fury
2007 Lean Mean Thirteen +2
2006 Slave to Sensation
2005 Bollywood Confidential +4
2004 Metro Girl +2
2003 Paladin of Souls
2001 The Curse of Chalion +1
1998 Ship of Magic
1997 Seedfolks
1996 Immortal in Death
1995 Naked in Death +1
1994 Back in Society
1993 Arcadia
*1992 Emperor and Clown +1
1991 Perilous Seas +1
*1989 A Year in Provence
1986 Broadway Bound +1
*1985 Dragonsbane
1984 Biloxi Blues +1
**1983 Brighton Beach Memoirs +1
1982 The Ghost and Lady Alice +1
**1981 The Curse of the Pharaohs
*1980 The Number of the Beast
1975 Crocodile on the Sandbank
**1974 Black as He's Painted
1972 Tied Up In Tinsel +1
1970 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds
1968 The Johnstown Flood
*1967 The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern +1
1966 The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
1962 Hospital Station +1
1961 Call For the Dead
1958 Venetia +1
*1957 Sylvester, Or The Wicked Uncle +1
1956 Diamonds Are Forever
*1955 Moonraker
1954 Watersplash +1
1953 Anna, Where Are You?
1952 Ladies' Bane
1950 I, Robot +1
**1949 Arabella
**1948 Cheaper by the Dozen
1947 The Plague
1943 The Lady in the Lake
1941 Faro's Daughter
*1940 The Corinthian
*1939 No Orchids for Miss Blandish
1931 Death Walks in Eastrepps
**1930 Strong Poison
*1928 Lord Peter Views the Body +1
**1927 Unnatural Death
1926 Clouds of Witness +1
*1923 Whose Body?
*1920 R. U. R.
**1914 The Gods of Mars
**1913 Warlord of Mars
1912 The Scarlet Plague +1
*1911 Just Patty
**1910 Landed Gentry
1904 The Marvelous Land of Oz
**1903 When Patty Went to College
*1900 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

1794 Lady Susan
1759 Candide

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January and February


1. Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik (TIOLI #4, reread, 2019)
2. Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers (TIOLI #15, reread, shared read, audio only, 1923)
3. Empire Made: My Search for an Outlaw Uncle Who Vanished in British India by Kief Hillsbery (TIOLI #3, GEOKit, TravelKit?, nonfiction 954.031/813.609/DS475, 2017)
4. Stars Uncharted by S. K. Dunstall (TIOLI #1, AlphaKit, reread, 2018)
5. A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill (TIOLI #7, MysteryKIT, TravelKIT?, 2010)
6. Tied Up In Tinsel by Ngaio Marsh (TIOLI #5, AlphaKit, reread, 1972)
7. Resistant by Rachael Sparks (TIOLI #6, SFFKit, 2018)
8. Aurora Blazing by Jessie Mihalik (TIOLI #8, shared read, 2019)
9. Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #14, reread, 2019)
10. Sweep With Me by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #15, 2020)
11. Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers (TIOLI #6, graphic short stories, 2019)
12. The Human Division by John Scalzi (TIOLI #10, shared read, 2013)
13. Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de Bodard (TIOLI #9, 2012)
14. Death Walks in Eastrepps by Francis Beeding (TIOLI #4, shared read, 1931)
15. Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich (TIOLI #1, reread, 2007)
16. Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier (TIOLI #7, shared read, graphic novel, 2016)
17. The Unlikely Spy Catchers by Carla Kelly (TIOLI #9, 2019)
18. Stars Beyond by S. K. Dunstall (TIOLI #15, 2020)
19. The Empress Game by Rhonda Mason (TIOLI #7, 2015)
20. Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks (TIOLI #1, shared read, graphic novel, 2019)
21. Restless Valley: Revolution, Murder and Intrigue in the Heart of Central Asia by Philip Shishkin (TIOLI #16, nonfiction 958.043, 2013)


22. Bronze Gods by A. A. Aguirre (TIOLI #8, 2013)
23. Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers (TIOLI #7, shared read, reread, audio only, 1926)
24. Perilous Seas by Dave Duncan (TIOLI #1, reread, 1991)
25. Emperor and Clown by Dave Duncan (TIOLI #2, reread, 1992)
26. Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon (TIOLI #13, play, reread, 1983)
27. The Ghost and Lady Alice by Marion Chesney (TIOLI #6, reread, 1982)
28. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun (TIOLI #11, reread, 1966)
29. Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon (TIOLI #12, play, audio only, 1984)
30. Bollywood Confidential by Sonia Singh (TIOLI #3, 2005)
31. Superluminal by Vonda N. McIntyre (TIOLI #6, reread, 1983)
32. Broadway Bound by Neil Simon (TIOLI #5, play, audio only, PPD finalist 1987, 1986)
33. Raven's Strike by Patricia Briggs (TIOLI #4, 2005)
34. Golden in Death by J. D. Robb (TIOLI #8, 2020)
35. Anna, Where Are You? by Patricia Wentworth (TIOLI #7, shared read, reread, 1953)
36. Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #16, reread, novella, audio only, 2015)
37. Lock In by John Scalzi (TIOLI #11, reread, 2014)
38. Back in Society by Marion Chesney (TIOLI #6, 1994)
39. Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #2, reread, 2009)
40. Fire With Fire by Charles E. Gannon (TIOLI #13, 2013)
41. Penric and the Shaman by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #7, reread, novella, 2016)
42. Penric's Fox by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #16, shared read, reread, novella, 2018)
43. Sixx by Cara Bristol (TIOLI #15, 2019)
44. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #1, 2006)
45. Queen of the Sea by Dylan Meconis (TIOLI #16, graphic novel, shared read, 2019)

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46. The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #2, reread, 2001)
47. Penric's Mission by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #2, shared read, reread, audio only, 2016)
48. Unnatural Death by Dorothy Sayers (TIOLI #5, shared read, reread, 1927)
49. Mira's Last Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #10, novella, shared read, reread, 2017)
50. Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #1, 2010)
51. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters (TIOLI #5, reread, 1975)
52. The Scarlet Plague by Jack London (TIOLI #6, novella, 1912)
53. The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers (TIOLI #16, shared read, 2017)
53. The Prisoner of Limnos by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #2, novella, shared read, reread, 2018)
54. The Orphans of Raspay by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #5, novella, shared read, reread, 2019)
55. Nevertheless, She Persisted by 11 female authors (TIOLI #12, short stories, shared read, 2017)
56. Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI#2, reread, 2003)
57. Taste of Marrow by Sarah Gailey (TIOLI #3, novella, 2017)
58. Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner (TIOLI #4, play, PPD 1993, 1991)
---. Weapons Training by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #7w, short story online)
59. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun (TIOLI #15, reread, 1967)
60. Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #4, 2011)
61. Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #1, audio only, 2014)
62. Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #????, novella, audio only, 2014)
63. Gamechanger by L. X. Beckett (TIOLI #10, 2019)
64. Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai (TIOLI #1, poetry, shared read, 2011)
65. Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America From the Bubonic Plague by David K. Randall (TIOLI #15, shared read, nonfiction 616.923/RC175, 2019)
66. Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #1, audio only, 2007)
67. Rock Hard by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #????, audio only, 2015)
68. Bernie by Ted Rall (TIOLI #10, nonfiction biography, 2016)
69. Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman (TIOLI #7, shared read, 1997)
70. An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair (TIOLI #16, audio only, reread, 2005)
71. Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #4, 2011)
72. Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks (TIOLI #8, 2001)
73. Murder in Piccadilly by Charles Kingston (TIOLI #6, 1936)
74. Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #????, audio only, 2015)
75. Angels' Flight by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #4, short stories, reread, 2012)
76. I Know What I Am: The Life and Times of Artemisia Gentileschi by Gina Siciliano (TIOLI #14, graphic nonfiction/biography, 2019)
77. Better Off Wed by Laura Durham (TIOLI #13, 2005)
78. The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot (TIOLI #6, 2016)
79. Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich (TIOLI #???, reread, 2004)
80. Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich (TIOLI #???, reread, 2004)
81. The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel (TIOLI #4, play, shared read, PPD 1971, 1970)
82. Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely (TIOLI #7, 2017)


83. A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain (TIOLI #11, 2016)
---. Of Swine and Roses by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #12w)
84. Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City (TIOLI #2, 2019)
85. Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #4, 2016)
86. Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair (TIOLI #3, reread, 2005)
87. Sylvester, Or The Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #12, audio only, reread, 1957)
88. Arabella by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #14, audio only, reread, 1949)
89. Lord Peter Views the Body by Dorothy L. Sayers (TIOLI #5, shared read, reread, 1928)
90. Mind Guest by Sharon Green (TIOLI #3, 1984)
91. The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles (TIOLI #14, shared read, 2013)
92. The Watersplash by Patricia Wentworth (TIOLI #9, shared read, 1954)
93. Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #16, audio only, 2017)
---. The Smuggler and the Warlord by KJ Charles (TIOLI #5w, online short story)
94. A Case of Possession by KJ Charles (TIOLI #14, audio only, 2014)
95. Hospital Station by James White (TIOLI #9, 1962)
96. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (TIOLI #10, 2019)
97. The Frangipani Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu (TIOLI #15, 2017)
98. Cousin Kate by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #16, audio only, reread, 1968)
99. That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper (TIOLI #3, audio only, 2016)
100. Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (TIOLI #12, play, reread, 1993)
101. Break Shot: My First 21 Years by James Taylot (TIOLI #, autobiography, audio only, 2020)
102. The Half-Life of Marie Curie by Lauren Gunderson (TIOLI #2, play, shared read, audio only, 2019)
103. The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley (TIOLI #10, 2019)
104. Flight of Magpies by KJ Charles (TIOLI #5, audio only, shared read, 2017)
105. Ashes of Onyx by Seth Sorkowsky (TIOLI #10, ER book, 2020)
106. The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF - Mike Ashley, ed. (TIOLI #2, short stories, 2013)
----. Articulated Restraint by Mary Robintette Kowal (TIOLI #4w, short story online, 2019)
107. Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle To Save the Florida Panther by Craig Pittman (TIOLI #1, nonfiction, 599.75, 2020)
108. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K Rowling (TIOLI #12, shared read, audio only, 1997)
109. Call For the Dead by John le Carre (TIOLI #8, shared read, 1961)
110. The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal (TIOLI #4, shared read, 2018)
111. Venetia by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #12, reread, shared read, audio only, 1958)
112. The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz (TIOLI #14, 2019)
113. The Mad Sculptor: The Maniac, the Model, and the Murder that Shook the Nation by Harold Schechter (TIOLI #3, nonfiction 364.152/HV6534, 2014)
----. The Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal (TIOLI #3w, short story, 2012)
114. The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo by Zen Cho (TIOLI #16, novella, shared read, 2012)
115. January by Audrey Carlan (TIOLI #3, novella, shared read, 2015)
116. Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs (TIOLI #4, shared read, 2020)
117. A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #9, 2019)
118. The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo (TIOLI #6, novella, 2020)
119. The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles (TIOLI #14, audio only, 2015)
120. Blood Sport by Dick Francis (TIOLI #4, shared read, reread?, 1967)
121. Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #12, shared read, reread, 1972)
122. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis (TIOLI #3, shared read, reread, 1992)
123. Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #12, shared read, reread, 1941)
----. An Heir for Pemberley by Jane Grix (TIOLI #12, short story, shared read, 2016)
124. False Value by Ben Aaronovitch (TIOLI #4, shared read, 2020)
125. R. U. R. by Karel Čapek (TIOLI #5, play, shared read, 1920)
126. Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey (TIOLI #10, novella, audio only, shared read, 2020)
127. The Plague by Albert Camus (TIOLI #9, shared read, 1947)
128. 100 Plants to Feed the Bees by The Xerces Society (TIOLI #7, nonfiction 571.864/QK926, 2016)

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129. Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (TIOLI #15, 1977)
----. The Future of Work: Compulsory by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9w, short story online, 2020)
130. All Systems Red by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9, novella, reread, 2017)
131. Naked in Death by J. D. Robb (TIOLI #20, reread, 1995)
132. Artificial Condition by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9, novella, reread, shared read, 2018)
133. The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers (TIOLI #11, reread, shared read, 1928)
134. Junkyard Cats by Faith Hunter (TIOLI #14, novella, audio only, 2020)
135. Two Minutes to Noon: The Great Kanto Earthquake of September 1, 1923 by Noel F. Busch (TIOLI #7, shared read, nonfiction 952.135/904.5/DS897, 1962)
136. Proper English by KJ Charles (TIOLI #18, audio only, shared read, 2019)
137. Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9, novella, reread, shared read, 2018)
138. Exit Strategy by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9, novella, reread, shared read, 2018)
139. Network Effect by Martha Wells (TIOLI #9, shared read, 2020)
----. Home: Habitat, Niche, Range, Territory by Martha Wells (TIOLI #?, short story, 2020)
140. The Betel Nut Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu (TIOLI #17, 2018)
141. Think of England by KJ Charles (TIOLI #4, audio only, shared read, 2014)
142. Middlegame by Seanan McGuire (TIOLI #14, shared read, 2019)
143 The Physicians of Vilnoc by Lois McMaster Bujold (TIOLI #5, novella, shared read, 2020)
144. The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler (TIOLI #16, 1943)
145. A Fashionable Indulgence by KJ Charles (TIOLI #2, audio only, 2015)
146. Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer (TIOLI #9, 2019)
147. No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase (TIOLI #1, shared read, 1939)
148. A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles (TIOLI #6, audio only, 2015)
149. The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery (TIOLI #12, reread, shared read, 1926)
150. Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming (TIOLI #19, 1954)
151. A Gentleman's Position by KJ Charles (TIOLI #19, audio only, 2016)
152. Glory in Death by J. D. Robb (TIOLI #20, reread, 1995)
----. Song for a Viking by KJ Charles (TIOLI#13w, online short story, shared read, 2015)
153. A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (TIOLI #8, audio only, reread, 1912)
154. I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (TIOLI #9, short stories, reread?, shared read, 1950)
----. A Confidential Problem by KJ Charles (TIOLI #18w, online short story, 2016)
155. The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein (TIOLI #11, reread, 1980)
----. A Private Miscellany by KJ Charles (TIOLI #2w, short story online, 2016)
156. Moonraker by Ian Fleming (TIOLI #13, audio only, 1955)
----. The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh by KJ Charles (TIOLI #2w, short story, 2014)
157. Earthquakes in Human History: The Far-Reaching Effects of Seismic Disruptions by Jelle Zeilinga de Boer and Donald Theodore Sanders (TIOLI #6, nonfiction 363.34/551.22/QE521, 2005)
158. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum (TIOLI #13, audio only, shared read, reread, 1900)
159. The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin (TIOLI #13, shared read, 2006)
160. Lady Susan by Jane Austen (TIOLI #5, novella, audio only, shared read, 1794)
161. Candide by Voltaire (TIOLI #5, audio only, shared read, reread, 1759)
162. Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb (TIOLI #9, shared read, 1998)
163. Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming (TIOLI #2, audio only, 1956)
164. Black As He's Painted by Ngaio Marsh (TIOLI #12, reread, 1974)
165. Friday by Robert A. Heinlein (TIOLI #9, shared read, reread, 1982)
166. Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal (TIOLI #3, 2020)
167. Briarley by Aster Glenn Gray (TIOLI #18, novella, 2019)
168. The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (TIOLI #1, audio only, shared read, reread, 1914)
169. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #9, novella, shared read, reread, 2013)
170. Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #9, shared read, reread, 2015 )
171. One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #9, shared read, reread, 2016)
172. Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #9, shared read, reread, 2019)
173. An Unseen Attraction by KJ Charles (TIOLI #18, audio only, shared read, 2017)
----. Gerard Demille and Helen Meet by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #15w, online short story, shared read)
174. The Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters (TIOLI #20, shared read, reread, 1981)
175. An Unnatural Vice by KJ Charles (TIOLI #18, audio only, shared read, 2017)
176. Sweep With Me by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #9, shared read, reread, 2020)
177. An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles (TIOLI #2, audio only, 2017)
178. The Marvelous Land of Oz by Frank L. Baum (TIOLI #13, audio only, shared read, 1904)
179. Reaction Shot by Patricia McLinn (TIOLI #18, 2020)
180. Broken Places & Outer Spaces by Nnedi Okorafor (TIOLI #15, shared read, nonfiction 155.24, 2019)

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TIOLI Challenges: (1, 2x4, 2x5, 4x2, 4x2, 5x2, 5x2, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10x5, 10x2, 11x2, 11, 12x3, 13x2, 14, 14, 16x2, 16, 17x2) 22 shared reads

Works: (9, 12)

Not placed: 1

181. Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh (TIOLI #11, audio/print, 2012)
182. Burning Both Ends by Sinclair Jayne (TIOLI #17, ER book, ebook, 2017)
183. The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough (TIOLI #12, reread, nonfiction 974.8/904.5/F159, 1968)
184. From Russia, With Love by Ian Fleming (TIOLI #7, audio only, 1957)
185. The Paper Bark Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu (TIOLI #10, ebook, 2019)
186. Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #2, shared read, reread, 2004)
187. Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #11, reread, 2005)
188. Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers (TIOLI #16, shared read, reread, 1930)
189. Cursor's Fury by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #2, reread, 2006)
190. Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #4, reread, 2007
191. Landed Gentry by W. Somerset Maugham (TIOLI #2, play, 1910)
192. Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo (TIOLI #2, 2011)
193. Jackdaw by KJ Charles (TIOLI #10, shared read, audio only, 2015)
194. Princep's Fury by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #10, reread, 2008)
195. Just Patty by Jean Webster (TIOLI #4, 1911)
196. Revenger by Alastair Reynolds (TIOLI #11, shared read, 2016)
197. A Decline in Prophets by Sulari Gentill (TIOLI #12, 2011)
198. A Queer Trade by KL Charles (TIOLI #14, novella, 2018)
----. Five for Heaven by KJ Charles (TIOLI #12w, short story online)
199. Trump: A Graphic Biography by Ted Rall (TIOLI #17, graphic nonfiction, 2016)
200. Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy (TIOLI #2, audio only, reread, 2005)
201. Rag and Bone by KJ Charles (TIOLI #10, audio only, 2016)
202. Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #12, reread, 2014)
203. White Hot by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #10, reread, 2017)
204. Wildfire by Ilona Andrews (TIOLI #13, reread, 2017)
205. The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig (TIOLI #2, shared read, 2013)
206. The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #10, shared read, reread, 1940)
----. The Rat-Catcher's Daughter by KJ Charles (TIOLI #9w, long short story, 2014)
207. Immortal in Death by J. D. Robb (TIOLI #6, reread, 1996)
208. Band Sinister by KJ Charles (TIOLI #5, 2018)
209. Changeling by Molly Harper (TIOLI #5, shared read, 2018)
210. Fledgling by Molly Harper (TIOLI #?, 2019)
211. Dr. No by Ian Fleming (TIOLI #16, audio only, 1958)
212. Any Old Diamonds by KJ Charles (TIOLI #13, audio only, 2019)
213. The Mimosa Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu (TIOLI #5, 2020)
214. It Takes Two To Tumble by Cat Sebastian (TIOLI #14, 2017)
215. The Prodigal Son by Sulari Gentill (TIOLI #3, novella, 2016)
216. The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer (TIOLI #4, audio only, reread, 1950)
217. When Patty Went To College by Jean Webster (TIOLI #2, 1903)
218. Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly (TIOLI #5, shared read, reread, 1985)
219. Ladies' Bane by Patricia Wentworth (TIOLI #4, shared read, 1952)
220. Nine Goblins by T. Kingfisher (TIOLI #16, novella, shared read, 2013)
221. Cheaper by the Dozen by Ernestine Gilbreth Carey and Frank E. Gibreth, Jr. (TIOLI #8, shared read, reread, 1948)
222. Summer Frost by Blake Couch (TIOLI #6, novella, shared read, 2019)
223. First Lord's Fury by Jim Butcher (TIOLI #9, shared read?, reread, 2009)
224. Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (TIOLI #2, shared read, reread, 1913)
225. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle (TIOLI #1, 1989)
226. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (TIOLI #10, shared read, 1986)

Editat: jul. 19, 2020, 9:46 pm

July - August


TIOLI Challenges: (5, 6, 12, 16)

227. Death of a Clone by Alex Thomson (TIOLI #16, 2018)
228. Fake Out by Eden Finley (TIOLI #6, 2018)
229. Gilded Cage by KJ Charles (TIOLI #5, audio only, 2019
230. Slippery Creatures by KJ Charles (TIOLI #12, 2020)
231. Trick Play by Eden Finley
232. Deke by Eden Finley
233. Blindsided by Eden Finley
234. Hat Trick by Eden Finley (2019)
235. Power Plays & Straight A's by Eden Finley and Saxon James (2020)
236. Pop Star by Eden Finley
237. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall (TIOLI #, 2020)
238. One Night With Rhodes by Eden Finley
239. Say You'll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox (2020)
240. Fakers by Lucy Lennox and May Archer (2020)
241. Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox
242. The Date by May Archer (novella)
243. Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox
244. Jumping Jude by Lucy Lennox
245. The Fall by May Archer
246. Grounding Griffin by Lucy Lennox
247. Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug by Augustine Sedgewick
248. Moving Maverick by Lucy Lennox
249. Delivering Dante by Lucy Lennox
250. Virgin Flyer by Lucy Lennox
251. IRL: In Real Life by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox
252. LOL: Laugh Out Loud by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox
253. BTW: By The Way by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox
254. Sex & Vanity by Kevin Kwan
255. Hot Ride by Lucy Lennox (novella)
256. Facing West by Lucy Lennox
257. Spotlight by Eden Finley
258. A Very Marian Christmas by Lucy Lennox
259. Felix and the Prince by Lucy Lennox
260. Made Mine by Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy
261. Wilde Fire by Lucy Lennox
262. Made Marian Shorts by Lucy Lennox
263. Hudson's Luck by Lucy Lennox
264. Flirt by Lucy Lennox (novella)
265. Hay by Lucy Lennox (novella)
266. His Saint by Lucy Lennox
267. Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox
268. King Me by Lucy Lennox
269. Two Straights Too Many by Romeo Alexander
270. Marry Me by Mia Monroe
271. Up for the Challenge by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack

Editat: juny 29, 2020, 4:11 pm

September - October

Editat: juny 29, 2020, 4:11 pm

November - December

Editat: juny 29, 2020, 3:57 pm

Just in case....

juny 29, 2020, 3:57 pm

Instead of reading less in 2020, I am quite clearly reading more and I’m blaming COVID-19. Time furloughed from work, no plays to audition for, limited in-person socializing - all of these have increased the hours I’ve spent reading and listening to books and it’s really added up.

Of late, my reading has been particularly self-indulgent - if it’s difficult or too depressing, I’m passing on it. Lighter fare has been my theme and I suspect my reading will continue that way for a while. Here in Georgia, our COVID-19 case numbers have begun to increase dramatically while our governor (the egregious Governor Kemp) says that requiring masks in public is “a bridge too far” for him. We can’t slow down our reopening because our economy is basically wide open already. I work in a public facing position (and I see many faces without masks), so I don’t think my stress level is going down any time soon, which means my reading will remain comforting.

On a happier note, I’ve really been enjoying my reading and, if you take note of the picture at the top of my thread, you’ll see I have kittens in the house! They’re a bit older now (6 weeks) but it’s one of my favorite pictures of them. I don’t want to post too many pictures of them, but I’ll probably show them off again once or twice.

juny 29, 2020, 4:58 pm

Happy new thread and a super big AWE for the kitties up top!

juny 29, 2020, 5:04 pm

>1 Dejah_Thoris: Too cute!

Happy new thread, Princess.

juny 29, 2020, 6:22 pm

Happy new thread, the kitties are adorable!

juny 29, 2020, 6:23 pm

Happy new one!

juny 29, 2020, 6:54 pm

>13 lkernagh: >14 PaulCranswick: >15 FAMeulstee: >16 figsfromthistle: Thank you all for your good wishes! And the kittens really are adorable. They have been a source of great joy during what has been a trying time.

juny 29, 2020, 7:38 pm

221. Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (1948)

The lure of a shared read once again prompts a reread. Judy added Cheaper by the Dozen to a TIOLI challenge and I was in a nostalgic mood, so I joined her.

I remembered many of the family stories (their parents Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were truly amazing people), but had managed to forget a jarring scene about minstrel show humor. It’s a book written 70 years ago about events taking place nearly 100 years ago - happily, things change.

Aside from that, I enjoyed my reread and am going to join Judy for Belles on Their Toes in July. And at some point, I’m going to tackle Making Time: Lillian Moller Gilbreth - A Life Beyond “Cheaper by the Dozen.

juny 29, 2020, 9:07 pm

Happy new thread! Your kittens are really, really cute!!

juny 29, 2020, 9:10 pm

Happy new thread!

juny 29, 2020, 9:37 pm

>19 SilverWolf28: Well, I would take credit, but they have a beautiful Mamma Cat.

>19 SilverWolf28: >20 quondame: My thanks to you both!

juny 29, 2020, 9:38 pm

222. Summer Frost by Blake Couch (2019)

This well a well written novella of the potential joys and pitfalls of a massively capable AI, with a bit of a dig at gamer culture. There wasn’t anything particularly new here, but it was engrossing reading.

juny 30, 2020, 12:36 am

186. Furies of Calderon
187. Academ’s Fury
189. Cursor’s Fury
190. Captain’s Fury
194. Princep’s Fury
223. First Lord’s Fury

All by Jim Butcher

So. The idea for a series read/reread came up and Morphy agreed to host. The idea was to read the series over the course of a few months, but I was in a binge reading mood and I knocked them all out.

It’s a great series - I consider it a comfort read. The first book, Furies of Calderon is my least favorite of the lot, so if you give it a try, persevere.

If you want to know more about the series or to join the group read, drop by the thread:

juny 30, 2020, 8:56 am

Happy new thread!

juny 30, 2020, 10:15 am

>24 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

juny 30, 2020, 11:32 am

224. Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (written and first serialized in 1913)

I’m enjoying revisiting ERB’s Barsoom series - I’ve actually been listening to them for the first time. They are a product of their time and I spend most of the time rolling my eyes at John Carter’s first person depiction of his prowess as a fighting man (and at his frequent obtuseness), but I’m smiling while I do it. Poor Dejah Thoris - she’s so gorgeous that everyone keeps kidnapping her for nefarious purposes (well, they often want to marry her, but still) and John Carter keeps having to rescue her. I suppose it’s one way to keep the plot moving, lol.

My favorite idiotic situation: John Carter has been reunited with Dejah Thoris, they’re standing on a throne dais (a dead Jeddack at their feet), and JC is fighting for their lives. She’s behind him, and he hears a noise, but ignores it, being otherwise occupied. He rationalizes Dejah Thoris’ silence, but wonders “why she no longer urged me on with the strains of the martial hymn of Helium.” The thought of Dejah Thoris, standing behind John Carter while he commits wholesale slaughter, warbling some martial tune like a school fight song, sent me into peals of snorting laughter (fortunately I was alone in my kitchen at the time).

Dejah Thoris, of course, has been stolen away again by means of a secret door behind the throne. Somehow, John Carter is surprised, even though this exact scenario played out in A Princess of Mars. Dais. Secret door. JC wreaking havoc with his sword. No DT. Sigh.

I feel compelled to mention that I picked my user name NOT because I have fantasies of being a Princess of Helium or the love of John Carter’s life - my user name honors my late cat, Dejah Thoris, who was the Empress of the Known Universe in her own right.

juny 30, 2020, 5:43 pm

225. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

A Year in Provence is the very genial story of an English couple’s first year in an old farmhouse in Provence. Structured in 12 monthly installments, there is no other storyline than their domestic experiences, their immediate neighbors and neighborhood, and how Mayle and his wife adapt to the pace of life in rural France.

And, of course, there’s the food. Lots of food. All the time. Plus the vagaries of French real estate law (at least as it was in the late 1980s), a goat race, the horrors of tourists and guests invited (or not), boules, home renovations - it’s all very charming.

There isn’t a lot of depth to A Year in Provence, but it makes for very pleasant and picturesque reading. I don’t feel any particular need to read his other books, though.

juny 30, 2020, 7:16 pm

>27 Dejah_Thoris: Congratulations on reaching 3 x 75, Dejah!

juny 30, 2020, 7:23 pm

>27 Dejah_Thoris: >28 FAMeulstee: Oh yes, echoing my awe at 225 in 1/2 a year!

juny 30, 2020, 9:05 pm

>28 FAMeulstee: >29 quondame: Thank you, Anita and Susan! It's been a weird year - what can I say? I highly doubt I'll read another 225, unless I end up furloughed again.

And I just finished my last June book: Howl's Moving Castle. I'm looking forward to the new TIOLI and KIT Challenges for July.

juny 30, 2020, 9:10 pm

226. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (1986)

I was a little old for Howl's Moving Castle when it came out in 1986 and, in fact, I’ve never read any Diana Wynne Jones at all. But Heather/souloftherose and Susan/quondame added it to a TIOLI Challenge just when I noticed the audiobook version was available via Audible Escape, so I decided it was time to give it a try.

There is a great deal of love for Diana Wynne Jones on LT, and I understand why. Howl’s Moving Castle is an entertaining story and suited my mood for some light-hearted fun. I won’t be searching out and reading all of her works immediately, but when the opportunity arises, I’ll happily give another a try.

juny 30, 2020, 9:31 pm

Woah, congrats on 75 x 3 - quite impressive!

I enjoyed A Year in Provence last year, but like you haven't felt the need to read any of Mayle's other works. I'm also one who loved Diana Wynne Jones, and while I haven't read all her works - yet - there are quite a few, including Howl, that I like to return to on a regular basis. I also recommend Hexwood and Deep Secret.

juny 30, 2020, 9:38 pm

>32 bell7: Thanks, Mary, although I admit I'm vaguely embarrassed by the total.

I suspect I'll revisit Diana Wynne Jones occasionally. I both listened to and read Howl's Moving Castle and I actually think I preferred it on audio. I'll keep Hexwood and Deep Secret in mind.

Editat: juny 30, 2020, 11:03 pm

Congratulations on 225!!

I really like Howl's Moving Castle and its sequels. Also I like really The Homeward Bounders.

juny 30, 2020, 11:06 pm

>34 SilverWolf28: Thanks! I'll add The Homeward Bounders to my list.

Like I said, there's lot of love for Diana Wynne Jones on LT....

juny 30, 2020, 11:23 pm

jul. 1, 2020, 1:16 pm

>36 ronincats: LOL! I thought I remembered you were a Diana Wynne Jones fan. Dark Lord of Derkholm is duly noted.

Thanks for dropping by, Roni.

jul. 1, 2020, 1:18 pm

As we’re halfway through the year, I thought I’d do a spot check of how my reading has been going.

Having read 226 books (plus a few uncounted, although listed, works of short fiction) quantity has obviously not been a problem thus far. Having been furloughed and staying ‘Safer at Home’ has led to plenty of .reading and listening time. Of course, the stresses associated with these conditions have heavily influenced what I’ve read. I’ve always tended to read quite a lot of genre fiction, but I’ve tried to mix in nonfiction, plays, and some more challenging literary fiction. That hasn’t been happening lately, but I’m not terribly concerned. Reading is my stress reliever, my safety valve - I’m not going to push myself right now. That said, I have a few books I’m thinking about for July and onward that ought to add a little more variety to the mix.

I have and will continue to participate in the TIOLI Challenges and several CATs and KITs over in the Category Challenge group. I also have a few reading projects of my own I’ll continue. One is reading Pulitzer Prize winners and nominees (across all book categories), on which I have made little progress this year. Another is a reread of all of Robert A. Heinlein’s works in written and/or publication order, short fiction included. I’m almost done - Job: A Comedy of Justice is up next. I’ve been slowly rereading all of Nagio Marsh’s Inspector Alleyn mysteries in order - I’m almost finished with that project, too. I’m starting an internal chronology read/reread of The Rivers of London / Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch, the order based on a blog post by Aaronovitch himself, including the novels, graphic novels, and short fiction.

For the last several years, I’ve included a variant of a Century of Reading list on my thread, with all the years from 1900 to the current year. For any year for which I’ve failed to read a book, the next year its marked with an *. If I miss it two years, its two **. Beginning this year, I had 22* years and 22**. I’m doing pretty having only 20 years left of the 44:
*1978, **1965, *1960, *1942, *1938, *1937, **1935, **1932, **1929, **1925, **1924, **1922, *1921, *1916, *1915, **1909, **1907, **1905, **1902, **1901

Beyond those missed years, I have another 27 years needed to complete the total list of 121. It’s never been my goal to complete the list in a single year, but I’m so close I’m going to give it a shot.

I don’t keep a lot of statistics about my reading, but I admit it might be interesting. One of these years….

jul. 1, 2020, 2:44 pm

I'll sneak in a bit late, but happy new thread.
Lots of love for the kitties. awwww. Want one.

jul. 1, 2020, 3:17 pm

>39 Helenliz: I only started it two days ago - you're not late at all! And thank you.

As for the kittens, I'm afraid their Mama and I aren't sharing.

jul. 1, 2020, 5:47 pm

Hi Dejah, I tracked you down! What an adorable picture of Momma and her baby above. So I think Challenge #8 will mostly likely be the best place to list Belles on Their Toes but there may still be a challenge or two to come. If nothing comes along that seems better I will go ahead and list BotT under Challenge #8 in a day or so. Sound Ok to you?

jul. 1, 2020, 6:02 pm

>41 DeltaQueen50: Works for me! Thanks for dropping by.

jul. 1, 2020, 11:02 pm

227. Death of a Clone by Alex Thomson (2018)

Leila wants answers - but she’s not getting any. A designed clone working out a contract on an asteroid mining outpost (nicknamed Hell by the 3 Overseers) , Leila is part of a group of six cloned siblings, the Ells, just as there are six Ays (well, five really), six Bees, and six Jays. Except that there aren’t six Ells, just Leila and Lily, and Leila can’t quite remember what happened to her four sisters. When Lily is murdered, it seems it may have been because Lily was asking too many questions. Now it’s Leila’s turn to ask the questions.

Leila is an Agatha Christie fan and models her investigation on the methods of Miss Marple, but she’s naive and inexperienced and no one seems to be telling her the truth. Everyone seems to be keeping secrets….

Death of a Clone is an excellent science fiction and mystery genre cross. The references to Christie’s novels (particularly to Miss Marple) will please mystery fans and the science fiction elements are critical to the story itself - it’s not just an interesting setting.

As I read, I found myself with a growing sense of unease - well, I don't want to say too much. I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of this book, but I was amply rewarded by reading it.

Something about St. Mary Mead reminds me of Hell--a small, enclosed society; the stifling claustrophobia and social stratification; and all those secrets lying beneath the veneer of respectability.

jul. 2, 2020, 11:02 am

Oh, that one sounds great!

jul. 2, 2020, 10:05 pm

>43 Dejah_Thoris: Oh, ouch, book bullet! Only slightly ameliorated by kitten pictures!

jul. 3, 2020, 6:27 pm

I've added Belles on Their Toes to challenge #8. :)

jul. 3, 2020, 9:30 pm

>44 drneutron: Credit should got to Heather/souloftherose who read it earlier this year. I've been saving it for the MysteryKIT this month. It's quite a good debut - quite unexpected in many ways. I hope you give it a try.

>45 ronincats: Well shoot, Roni, you get me all the time! The kittens are little charmers - they grow up so fast.

>46 DeltaQueen50: Excellent! I'm looking forward to it.

Editat: jul. 4, 2020, 7:39 am

>26 Dejah_Thoris: Hilarious and accurate review of Warlord of Mars, Dejah. I missed these when I was young, but I’m finding them very amusing in a nerdy sort of way.

Oh my. Kittens. They’re so adorable.

Add me to the impressed list. And people think I read a lot! My drawback is that, no matter how I try with audiobooks, I soon lose focus; after 5 or 10 minutes of drifting I’m brought back with a thump, only to realize that I have no idea what’s going on.

A Happy Fourth to you.

jul. 4, 2020, 10:01 am

>40 Dejah_Thoris: spoilsport - and then you go and turn the cuteness factor even higher!

jul. 4, 2020, 8:30 pm

>47 Dejah_Thoris: Thanks! The Barsoom books really are fun - you just have to accept them for what they are. I have Thuvia, Maid of Mars downloaded and ready to go, although it may be a bit before I get to it. I'm currently listening to Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug and now that I'm back at work I don't have hours working in the garden, etc., to listen. It'll probably be a week and a half before I finish it up.

It took me quite a while to get to where I could listen with sufficient focus to keep track of plots, nonfiction details, etc. I still usually do best with lighter, less complicated works, but I branch out occasionally.

I hope your Fourth of July has been wonderful!

>40 Dejah_Thoris: They don't have a bad side, photographically speaking. They do, however, have very sharp little claws over which they don not have complete control. I look as though I've been dragged through rose bushes.....

jul. 4, 2020, 11:03 pm

In this difficult year with an unprecedented pandemic and where the ills of the past intrude sadly upon the present there must still be room for positivity. Be rightly proud of your country. To all my American friends, enjoy your 4th of July weekend.

jul. 5, 2020, 7:51 am

Happy - er - new thread Dejah!

>1 Dejah_Thoris: >40 Dejah_Thoris: Oh, are they yours? So cute.
Very well, keep them to yourselves; I suspect Jasper would be too bemused by them anyway.

>23 Dejah_Thoris: I say - all of them? Just like that? I have yet to start.

>26 Dejah_Thoris: That's hilarious! Your review gave me a good belly laugh (in a lady-like way, of course) and I'm still smiling. That goes on the wishlist.

>43 Dejah_Thoris: Hmm... interesting. I'll keep an eye out.

jul. 7, 2020, 6:25 pm

Almost missed it, congratulations on reaching 3 x 75, Dejah!

jul. 7, 2020, 7:42 pm

I completely missed your triple until Anita pointed it out! Congratulations.

ag. 3, 2020, 7:36 pm

Princess - don't go and disappear on us again!

ag. 3, 2020, 10:26 pm

>55 PaulCranswick: I haven't seen her on LT since the Fourth of July. She also hasn't updated her TIOLI challenges recently.

ag. 31, 2020, 5:27 pm

I hope all is well, Dejah, miss you!

set. 3, 2020, 12:24 pm

>56 SilverWolf28: I noticed the lack of TIOLI participation, too. Dejah, hope you're OK.

set. 6, 2020, 10:31 pm

I didn't realise either; congratulations on your triple 75!

set. 23, 2020, 2:14 pm

Hey, Princess, how goes it?

oct. 17, 2020, 7:01 am

Busy reading less ... er ... more?

nov. 8, 2020, 2:20 am

Missing you Princess.

nov. 26, 2020, 10:06 pm

This Brit wishes to express his thanks for the warmth and friendship that has helped sustain him in this group, Princess

des. 24, 2020, 9:12 am

Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season and a joyous 2021!

des. 24, 2020, 10:58 am

Or in other words, Happy Christmas! And have a great New Year as well.

des. 25, 2020, 1:22 am

Happy Holidays!

des. 25, 2020, 1:23 am

Wishing you and yours the very best of the season.

des. 25, 2020, 2:55 am

I hope you get some of those at least, Princess, as we all look forward to a better 2021.

des. 31, 2020, 10:21 pm

des. 31, 2020, 11:59 pm


As the year turns, friendship continues

gen. 19, 4:25 pm

Has anyone heard from Dejah_Thoris in the past 2-3 years?

gen. 20, 8:42 am

>71 SilverWolf28: It looks like she has not added anything to her collection since July 2020.

gen. 20, 4:41 pm

gen. 21, 5:57 am

Oh, I just assumed that she changed groups. Hope everything is alright.

gen. 24, 6:02 pm

Faith stopped posting about the time she became a published author ( see Cinderella Necromancer) in 2018 and published a sequel a year later, but I see no activity after that.