Crafting Immigration Policy in America 5

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Crafting Immigration Policy in America 5

des. 5, 2020, 4:01am

Judge Orders Trump Administration To Restore DACA As It Existed Under Obama
Vanessa Romo | December 4, 2020

...Under the order filed Friday, Judge Nicholas Garaufis of U.S. District Court in Brooklyn instructed the Department of Homeland Security to begin accepting new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as soon as Monday.

In his ruling, Garaufis said the terms of the federal program must be immediately restored to what they were "prior to the attempted rescission of September 2017" when the White House began a series of maneuvers to dismantle the program.

The judge also instructed officials to reinstate two-year permits for qualifying applicants. Over the summer, the administration had begun issuing one-year permits.

...Court documents said that DHS has until Monday to post a public notice "displayed prominently on its website and on the websites of all other relevant agencies, that it is accepting first-time requests for consideration of deferred action under DACA."

des. 31, 2020, 6:43am

Downsides of being an "anchor baby":

Why 'Accidental Americans' Are Desperate to Give Up Their U.S. Citizenship
Vivienne Walt | December 23, 2020

...Other than Eritrea, the U.S. is the only country in the world with citizenship tax rules, demanding that all Americans—including anyone born in the U.S.—submit yearly tax filings to the Internal Revenue Service, no matter where they live. And since 2010, when the U.S. introduced the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, all the world’s banks have been obligated to begin reporting on the activities of their American customers.

This year, the U.S. began enforcing those rules in earnest. Although the U.S. Treasury temporarily relaxed the rules last year, as the tales of woe mounted, the easing of the regulation ended in January, when the Treasury refused to extend a moratorium against banks who do not send their clients’ data to the U.S. Despite pleas from European Union officials, the U.S. refused to reconsider, and beginning on Jan. 1, 2020, threatened to impose fines potentially up to billions of dollars, on foreign banks that do not share their U.S. clients’ information.

Since then the rules have ensnared thousands

...When President Obama introduced FATCA in 2010, its intention seemed reasonable: To catch rich Americans shielding their wealth from the IRS. It came after a whistleblower in the 2000s revealed how Americans were hiding billions of dollars in tax-free Swiss banks.

However, the law has acted as a dragnet with miserable unintended consequences. In several interviews with lawyers and victims, they describe time and again how ordinary people have been embroiled in years of problems, after suddenly being made aware—often from their banks—that an accident of birth has put them under suspicion.

...FATCA likely never intended to target foreigners like Brouwer-Hoogsteen, who have no connection to the U.S., and do not owe a dime in U.S. taxes. “There is a problem with Americans looking to use foreign tax havens to disguise their income,” says Zell, the U.S. lawyer in Israel. “But they are not expats. They are in the U.S.”

Zell’s lawsuit against the State Department, filed on Dec. 9 on behalf of the Paris-based Association of Accidental Americans, argues that the law has “brought within its draconian regime Americans who have nothing to hide.” It claims FATCA violates the U.S. Constitution, by effectively forcing people to remain citizens against their will—in part because the fees to relinquish American citizenship jumped in 2014 from $450 to $2,350, a sum many U.S.-born people could not afford to pay.

(Even so, more and more people are paying it. In the first three months of this year, 2,907 gave up their U.S. citizenship, according to U.S. Treasury statistics, the highest quarterly figure ever recorded. American expat organizations believe the real figure is probably far higher, since many names do not appear in the official registry, and say the increase is partly due to FATCA).

...Congress or the U.S. Treasury, which experts say could fix the problem, for example by creating a new category of permanent expats, and permitting people to register as “qualified nonresidents.”

...In the end, it might be courts in Europe that finally force the U.S. to change tack. As this year drew to a close, several legal challenges across Europe are on the verge of being filed in courts, arguing that FATCA violates the Continent’s data protection laws, which are far stronger than in the U.S...

gen. 14, 11:15pm

Trump official admits family separation policy 'should never have been implemented' (Guardian)

Rod Rosenstein publicly denounces ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for first time, following report showing US didn’t effectively coordinate care for children...

gen. 18, 10:13pm

Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020 (Guardian)

A collection of bright pink seesaws that allowed people to interact over the US-Mexico border has won the prestigious Design of the Year award, with its creators saying they hoped the work encourages people to build bridges between communities...

feb. 19, 11:23pm

US releases 25 asylum seekers into country, repudiating Trump policy (Guardian)

Move is milestone in undoing ‘Remain in Mexico’ program, which forced those seeking US entry to wait outside border...

feb. 20, 7:51am

New Report Calls on the Biden Administration to Put an End to Close-to-Slavery Conditions of the H-2A Guest Worker Program (Oakland Institute)

As the Biden administration begins dismantling Trump's anti-immigrant legacy and contemplates reforms to US immigration policy, it will have to take the crucial decision of whether to continue or terminate the H-2A “guest worker” program. A new report by the Oakland Institute, Dignity or Exploitation — What Future for Farmworker Families in the United States?, documents the systematic abuse of workers in the H-2A program and its impact on the resident farmworker communities, confronted with a race to the bottom in wages and working conditions.“The H-2A program has created a captive labor force, made to work in brutal and often illegal conditions. In practice, it is not far from slavery” ...

feb. 24, 5:09am

Sephen Miller! Stephen Miller...

Stephen Miller set to brief House conservatives

The meeting is the latest indication that the GOP is keen on keeping Trump-era immigration politics and using them as a spear against Biden.

...The main salvo will be delivered this weekend when Trump is set to address the Conservative Political Action Conference and devote part of his speech to the topic. But days before then, the architect of Trump’s immigration policy, Stephen Miller, will discuss the issue with conservative House members as they organize their opposition to Biden’s planned changes to Trump-era immigration regulations and his recently unveiled blueprint for comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

...Immigration policy is quickly emerging as a prime motivator for conservatives in the Biden era. The promise of more lenient and humane policies has led to confusion and fears of a massive influx of migrants at the border. The opening of a migrant facility for minors has sparked rebukes from the left and accusations of hypocrisy from the right. And Republicans, including Miller, have criticized the ambitious, 357-page immigration plan introduced on the president’s behalf last Thursday by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), in apocalyptic terms.

“It is the most radical immigration bill ever written, drafted, or submitted in the history of this country,” Miller said during an appearance on Fox News. “It is breathtaking.”...