Republican Hypocrisy and Double Standards Commence

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Republican Hypocrisy and Double Standards Commence

Editat: des. 17, 2020, 2:04pm

Confirmation of Biden nominees.
Not waiting for the new (possibly D) Congress to be seated, committees in the R Senate began gathering info. Never mind that Trump Admin was awash with 'Actings' and the Senate confirmed Trump-nominated judges deemed unqualified by the ABA.

Dr. Jill
Willing to overlook FLOTUS Melania and COS Mark Meadow's misrepresentation of their educational attainments, conservative media and social media challenge Dr Jill Biden's honorific.

Senator Rubio wilts at insult from Biden operative, never mind the sewage spewing from the White House these past four years. And never mind 300,000+ dead...

Neera Tanden
OMB nominee's old tweets likewise bruised the tender feelings of R senators whose confirmation she needs.


des. 17, 2020, 9:50am

A democrat breaches decorum.

Republicans howl cynically—as though they hadn’t just spent four years in the thrall of a man who took a flamethrower to all notions of decency, the rule of law and democratic values.

Everyone points this out to them.

All of Twitter henceforward.

- Sarah Longwell @SarahLongwell25 | 8:03 AM · Dec 17, 2020

des. 17, 2020, 9:58am

You have it backwards as usual.

des. 17, 2020, 11:40am

Marco Rubio @marcorubio · 15h:
Biden talks about unity and healing, but you want to know what they really think?
Read how the person he wants as the next WH deputy chief of staff called Republicans in Congress a bunch of f***ers

Steve Vladeck (U TX Law) @steve_vladeck | 8:43 AM · Dec 17, 2020:
Says the guy who literally said nary a word when @RepTedYoho referred to aoc
—a specific, sitting member of Congress—as a “f**king b**ch.”

des. 17, 2020, 1:24pm

All you have to do is look at the Democrat response four years ago and their behavior following the election. Calling ...other proof that the Democrats are still trapped in the loop of projection.

They were so certain Trump was "illegitimate" that they started using the word treason, which is so dumb. They badly wanted to believe "The Russians" were out to get us. Hillary Clinton never got over it. She still thinks she won. That's called a delusion. You should be aware of the fact that ...Democrats... are the one who created these topics, who initiated the conversations and the actions. They brought up cheating, they brought up the Russians, and so on. That is very telling.

des. 17, 2020, 1:26pm

A person who has read serious books has no use for Twitter. It's too superficial to analyze. But I doubt margd has read serious books. She is a Canadian who is here to tell us how to think. More of a blogger really. Colonizing this web site from the Great White North.

Editat: des. 17, 2020, 2:08pm

Then there's Hunter Biden whose sins are no doubt a pittance in comparison to our current crime family's.

des. 17, 2020, 2:41pm

The Hunter Biden thing does seem to me pretty small potatoes especially in comparison to a lot of shit that went on in the last 4 years. That said I think it's pretty clear that Hunter is something of a fuck up and didn't really bring anything to the table for the Ukrainian company he worked for other than his last name. There is some stink to this and it does taint father Joe a bit. I would like if ambitious politicians would take note of this in the future--that's more of a wish than a probability though. But really expect republicans to be hammering away relentlessly at this the next four years. To me this is unforced error material.

des. 17, 2020, 4:34pm

Ooooohhhhh -- VULGARITY!

But not Trump, ever. Easily triggered hypocrite Republicans. None righteous, all self-righteous.

des. 19, 2020, 8:19am

Jake Sherman (Politico etc.) @JakeSherman | 11:45 AM · Dec 18, 2020:
Ron Johnson is on the floor speaking about the debt and “mortgaging our childrens future.”
This is in response to Hawley calling for $1,200 checks.

Bill Kristol (Bulwark etc.) @BillKristol | 12:06 PM · Dec 18, 2020:
Ron Johnson has been a loyal supporter of Donald Trump, under whom the federal debt has increased roughly seven trillion dollars.

Robert Reich (frmr Labor Sec'y) @RBReich | 4:10 PM · Dec 18, 2020:
We have a literal yacht tax deduction in this country, and our politicians have the nerve to call a survival check a handout.

Eric Feigl-Ding (epidemiologist economist) @DrEricDing | 7:36 PM · Dec 18, 2020:
Pandemic relief in each country from its government: (up to %wages)
100% of wages in Japan
90% Netherlands
90% Norway
87% Germany
84% France
80% Italy
80% UK
75% Canada
0% USA
Tiny checks or limited unemployment–not nearly enough. #COVID19
Image--Public Citizen data, above ( )

des. 19, 2020, 10:06am

#10--Wisconsin republicans are about as bad as it gets. Johnson all of a sudden is a deficit hawk again. That's his way of acknowledging Trump's defeat.

des. 19, 2020, 11:43am

"our current crime family's"
what crimes ?????

our??? you are Canadian!

des. 19, 2020, 7:27pm

Nit-pick Nazi strives for relevance. Must be loaded with nits, 'cause can't stop pickin'.

Just like the Republicans who refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing to prevent spreading Covid-10, so do they like sleeping in the same refusenik bed at their slumber parties.

gen. 3, 8:57am

Jess Piper @EnglishTeach07 | 3:44 PM · Jan 2, 2021:
Thinking Colin Kaepernick is disloyal for kneeling
while cheering Hawley’s ripping up of the Constitution
is a lack of critical thinking.

Editat: gen. 13, 10:31am

Sailor Michael @Megawatts55 | 2:23 PM · Jan 12, 2021
They didn't want to give immigrants toothpaste nor soap
but gave Jake* his organic food..

* Jacob Anthony Chansley, a.k.a. Jake Angeli, furry, horned invader of Capitol
0:25 ( )
1:58 ( )

gen. 14, 2:30pm

Republican Congressman Wants Mulligan on Impeachment Vote

Congressman Mike McCaul (R-Austin) releases statement wishing he'd given a crap about not voting to impeach the Weaponizer of the Big Lie. He just can't stop being an appeaser instead of a leader.
"I did not come to this decision lightly. And I truly fear there may be more facts that come to light in the future that will put me on the wrong side of this debate.” 
What he meant and should have said is. . ."It mildly worries me that more will come out and I will be proven to be on the wrong side of history I will be proven to have done the wrong thing. Poor me, between a rock and a hard place." -- MSNBC Live with Katy Turr today.

He and several other Repub Reps. are whining that there wasn't enough time before they had to vote, and that they were rushed to judgment. Oh? Being witnesses as well as victims of the attack; hearing Trump's own words; hearing the gangs chant "Donald Trump sent us," while you hid and huddled, as well as ALL the video showing and telling you that these barbarians were at your gate because the Vandal-in-Chief sent them wasn't enough?

He and his fellow traveling weasel-minded Republicans need to answer the question: Just what is enough incitement to death, mayhem, and destruction is enough for you to vote to impeach the inciter? Just what is enough lying about the election outcome and attempts to overthrow the government you purportedly serve enough lying and insurrection for you to vote to impeach the betrayer?

Maybe you're too stupid for high office and should resign. Better yet, maybe you should be disciplined by Pelosi and recalled by your district as unfit to serve.

gen. 30, 4:11am

Al Franken was pressured to resign from the Senate. But Josh Hawley is a member in good standing?

Katie Hill was pressured to resign from the House. But Marjorie Taylor Greene is a member in good standing?

- Bill Kristol @BillKristol | 9:23 PM · Jan 29, 2021

gen. 30, 9:58am

Norman Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute, the Atlantic) @NormOrnstein | 9:46 PM · Jan 29, 2021:
When Mitch McConnell did the ginormous tax cut for the rich, he and his Senate Republicans bypassed the committee and wrote it with a small group behind closed doors. No Dems. Repeal and replace? Same thing. Now these guys whine about Biden?

From the moment he put forward his package, they said there was no need, to wait for months-- those are the more accommodating ones. They have their chance to get input. The Chutzpah is breathtaking. And too many in the press corps just repeat their whining dissembling.

Editat: feb. 4, 7:27am

“ Republicans do the wrong thing so consistently that even their gaslighting and debasement has become boring to chronicle. How long can you watch a dog lick its own butt before wondering if there is more to life?”
- Elie Mystal

feb. 23, 10:42am

Dem Sen Manchin votes for Kavanaugh, but not Tanden?

‘A double standard going on’: Democrats accuse GOP and Manchin of bias on Biden nominations
Charges of sexism and white male privilege are flying as Neera Tanden’s nomination looks increasingly doomed.

...Inside the White House, it did not go unnoticed that many of the lawmakers objecting to Tanden’s social media missives—including Manchin—voted to confirm Richard Grenell, the acid-tongued Trump booster, to the post of U.S. ambassador to Germany. Democrats on and off the Hill likewise argued that Tanden, who is of South Asian descent, was one of several nominees of color being treated differently than Trump-era nominees who lobbed personal attacks or expressed bigoted views...

Editat: feb. 23, 3:07pm
Tucker Carlson Complains About Merrick Garland’s Pledge to Prosecute White Supremacists in Capitol Attack

This white nationalist/supremacist didn't recognize the fellow travelers who took part in the riot on January 6. He has mental-health issues and vision problems on top of all of his other failings. And, Murdoch recently enhanced his duties at the FOX News channel, of course. Is TC trying to convince himself and his viewers that they are not members of a white nationalist/supremacist movement??? It not being a "white" movement will not fly!

feb. 23, 12:59pm

#20--FWIW if anyone were to have a real honest to goodness gripe against Tanden it would be Sen. Sanders. But he seemed to accept her apology and I think his thing is Biden's the president--let him choose who he wants. It's interesting as well that Manchin and Sanders don't seem to be on the same page very much and I don't think Tanden has ever really attacked Manchin and yet here he is set to kill her nomination. Manchin and Sinema have a lot of power being the two democratic Senators most to the right.

feb. 24, 2:02pm


Anti-science Sen. Daines (R-MT) urges Interior nominee Deb Haaland to delete tweet saying ‘Republicans don’t believe in science.’ You're kidding, aren't you Stevie?
Daines is anti-LGBT:

#SCOTUS is overriding the will of the people of Montana who have defined marriage as between one man and one woman.
1:55 PM · Jun 26, 2015

He is pro-coal and fossil fuels and doesn't believe in green energy or that climate change is real:

Jan 12, 2016
Mr. President, coal keeps the lights on and it will continue to power the world for decades to come. #SOTU

Replying to @SteveDaines
The #GreenNewDeal would leave our rural communities in the dark, literally. When it’s -40 out, our wind turbines stop turning. What picks up the slack and keeps the heat on for our families and businesses? COAL!
12:25 PM · Mar 26, 2019

Daines, according to a local Montana news report, is the "most conservative U.S. House member in Montana history."

Another local Montana news outlet asked why Sen. Daines is "Supporting the Anti-Science, Anti-Public Health Turning Point USA?" TPUSA is a far right wing organization very closely tied to both President Donald Trump and his son, Don Jr. It former communications director once suggested the only problem with Adolph Hitler was he was globalist.

Senator Daines is so anti-science he believes in creationism – or at least thinks it should be taught in science classes.

Ahir, 12:27pm

George Conway @gtconway3d | 10:12 AM · Feb 28, 2021:
After watching Dems call for Cuomo's resignation, I now more than ever can't get over the fact that the former guy had dozens of sexual abuse allegations against him, including unwanted touching, then was accused of rape by a woman who contemporaneously told others about it, ...

... to which he responded (falsely, because photographs existed) that he never met the woman and that she was "not his type," and yet he was allowed to remain in office long enough to cause countless unnecessary deaths from disease and then to try to end democracy in America.