"Women's Studies" the intellectual Wasteland...

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"Women's Studies" the intellectual Wasteland...

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"Samantha Jones" is a pseudonym. One cannot say these things safely under one's real identity...


Articles | The University as the Woke Mission Field: A Dissident Women’s Studies Ph.D. Speaks Out | December 22, 2020 | Samantha Jones

"I have a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, but I’m not woke anymore. I write under a pseudonym because, if my colleagues were to find out about my criticisms of this field, I would be unable to find any employment in academia. That someone who critiques the axioms of a field of study feels compelled to write under an assumed name tells you everything you need to know about the authoritarianism underpinning this ideology. I no longer believe that the fundamental ideas of Women’s Studies, and of Critical Social Justice more generally, describe reality; they are at best partial explanations—hyperbolic ideology, not fact-based analysis. I have seen this ideology up close and seen how it consumes and even destroys people, while dehumanizing anyone who dissents.

"I’m sad to say it, but I believe that Critical Social Justice ideology—if not beaten in the war of ideas—will destroy the liberal foundation of American society. By liberal I mean principles including, but not limited to, constitutional republican government, equality under the law, due process, a commitment to reason and science, individual liberty, and freedom—of speech, of the press, and of religion. Because Critical Social Justice ideology is now the dominant paradigm in American academia, it has flowed into all other major societal institutions, the media, and even corporations. Far from being counter-cultural, Critical Social Justice ideology is now the cultural mainstream. A diverse spectrum of liberals, libertarians, conservatives, and all others who, to put it bluntly, want the American constitution to continue to serve as the basis for our society have to team up to prevent this ideology from destroying our country.

"I became 'woke' around 2003, so I have nearly two decades of experience with Critical Social Justice ideology. As the oldest daughter in a working-class family with six kids, neither of my parents had a college degree, although my mom had taken some community college classes. My high school teachers emphasized the importance of going to college. While I wasn’t sure what opportunities a college education would bring, I decided that it would best to attend, given the urgency with which all the teachers and guidance counselors discussed college as a necessity. I was a good, not great, student, who scored highly very highly on the verbal component of standardized tests. I loved literature and writing, so I figured that I’d get a bachelor’s degree in English literature, then maybe find a job as an administrative assistant and write in my free time. For a seventeen year-old girl who wasn’t especially ambitious, it seemed like a decent plan. At least it was better, I thought, than continuing to work part-time as a waitress. And through a combination of scholarships and part-time work, I realized that I’d be able to complete a bachelor’s degree without incurring any debt." ...

The intellectual nonsense described here by this author has now infected every aspect of the society and its culture, whether political or otherwise.

There is nothing at all exaggerated in her warnings. Hers is, in fact, a woefully late admission---the first I've seen--which might as easily have been written at any time over the past two decades by any one of the many, many other people who see and know these things but who haven't even the courage to write under a pseudonym in denouncing, as does this author, what has gone on now for generations.

Goddamn all academia's "Womens' Studies" and all its deaf, dumb and blind cohort of cultist fools.

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First, a little background and history for those born since 1996:

Brainless, dumb-fuck "woke"-culture's bastard child, odd-spring of the exquisite idiocy propagated in the "postmodern cultural studies 'journal,' Social Text. Prof Alan Sokal (Wikipedia), New York University professor of physics, skewered and held up to ridicule the moron editors of that piece of pseudo-intellectual BS when he wrote and won acceptance for publication his parody of pseudo-science, the 1996 article, "Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" (full text), chock full of jargon and buzz-word then so beloved by these New Age morons.

Sokal, having, as he expected, duped the editors of Social Text, proceeded to reveal his hoax in an article detailing it in the journal, Lingua Franca: ( "A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies" (full text).


(From The Washington Examiner: Is postmodernism really worthless? |
by Park MacDougald, (Life and Arts Editor) - Magazine |
| December 17, 2020 11:00 PM


... "In 2018, Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, the editor of Areo magazine and a Ph.D. mathematician, respectively, achieved internet stardom when they revealed that (along with co-conspirator Peter Boghossian) they had successfully tricked a number of woke academic journals into publishing fake papers on, among other things, dogs’ experience of “canine rape culture,” the potential for replacing Western methods of astronomy with feminist interpretive dance, and the utility of certain, let’s call them 'violating,' methods of male self-pleasure in potentially reducing transphobia.

The 'Sokal Squared' prank, as it came to be known (after Alan Sokal, who pulled off a similar hoax in the 1990s), was a clear demonstration, if anyone needed one, that for a person trained in the jargon of post-structuralist academia, almost nothing is so crazy that some journal, somewhere, won't be willing to publish it.

"Now, Pluckrose and Lindsay have written a book taking aim at the disciplines they successfully spoofed two years ago. The result, Cynical Theories, is a bestselling, polemical intellectual history of 'social justice ideology.' This ideology can be hard to define precisely, since it has no formalized doctrine, but, like pornography, you know it when you see it.

"Pluckrose and Lindsay describe it as 'a worldview that centers social and cultural grievances and aims to make everything into a zero-sum political struggle revolving around identity markers like race, sex, gender, sexuality, and many others,' and while I’m not sure someone who actually subscribed to this ideology would accept that definition, readers won’t have too much trouble catching their drift. " ...

des. 29, 2020, 1:33pm

College students today need to be de-programmed. I'm OK with departments and colleges closing. All those people need to come down to earth. They should find jobs doing something useful, like hauling garbage. There's always plenty of garbage. We don't need any more useless, adversarial intellectuals.