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Different lists

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març 22, 2008, 7:43pm

I am fairly new to both LT and this group. The group appealed because this is a project I have been working on fro several years now. I found a list of the 100 best novels of all time and began to collect and read them. But, I seemed to find new and different lists all the time. Being the obessessive reader, I added all of the lists into my goals. I now work from about 4 different lists, one of which is the Radcliffe list from the description. However, I have added a Modern Library editorial board list, a reader's list in response to the Modern Library list, and a list from a book called "The Novel 100". The advantage, I've found, is that each new list exposes me to a new book that I would have otherwise missed. For example, "The Novel 100" list includes Japanese, Chinese, and Italian novels which in some way shaped the face of the modern novel. I intend to inlcude some of the books from lists in the description of the group which I did not already have, but if anyone is interested in the lists I am working from, I'd be happy to give them out.