Historical romance series, ?spanish/italian princess hiding as maid in England

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Historical romance series, ?spanish/italian princess hiding as maid in England

des. 29, 2020, 1:40pm

Looking for a historical romance series following a family/siblings and their love stories.
One of the books involved a spanish princess (though the mother is I believe danish/norwegian royalty) who is arranged to be married and is physically abused by her father, the king (she has scars on her back from the lashes). She is terrified so she runs away with her maid to England. She disguises herself as a maid, in the house of the main family the series follows, and falls in love with the eldest son.
The hero of the story has two younger sisters they might have been twins?, one of which is handicapped and frail and the other very headstrong (both of them also had books).

I think the parents also had a book, where the mom is a commoner nurse and the father was a ?duke who drunkenly kissed and thus compromised her so they had to get married.

I really appreciate any help in finding this series! Thanks!

gen. 22, 6:35pm

Did you ever read on wattpad? If so it might be The Runaway Princess by littleLo